Dividing goals into 12 steps can be a helpful and productive way of managing and accomplishing them. Use this page to find a simple breakdown of many of the most common tasks facing individuals during the preconception, pregnant, and postpartum periods. Think of the steps like a checklist and check off each step once you've completed it. You'll be at your goal in no time.

How to Get Your Body Back in Shape After Pregnancy in 12 Steps

Gaining weight during pregnancy is part of a normal pregnancy, and after pregnancy, but it's important to get back into shape.

12 Steps For Finding A Good Ob/Gyn Or Midwife

Choosing an Ob/Gyn or midwife to deliver your baby and provide prenatal care can be one of the biggest decisions you make. Here are 12 steps for finding a good Ob/Gyn or midwife.

How to Deal with Irregular Periods in 12 Steps

Irregular periods can signify an impediment to getting pregnant. Follow our 12-step program to deal with this problem:

How to Tell Your Husband That You Are Pregnant in 12 Steps

Our 12 step program will provide you in detail how to tell your husband that you are pregnant.

How to Prepare a Child for the Arrival of a New Baby in 12 Steps

The best time to tell a child about the upcoming baby is after mom's tummy is large enough to show through clothing.

How to Survive the 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy in 12 Steps

The second (or middle) trimester is a time to enjoy the pregnancy and get ready for the last trimester.

How to Survive the First Trimester of Pregnancy in 12 Steps

The first trimester of the pregnancy brings about the most dramatic changes. Our 12 step program helps you survive this important trimester.

How to Tell Your Boss That You Are Pregnant in 12 Steps

Some jobs require that you tell them right away about your pregnancy, while in others in may be better to wait. Here are 12 steps when to tell your boss that you are pregnant.

How to Quit Smoking During Pregnancy in 12 Steps

Smoking before and during pregnancy increases many risks. Our 12 step program helps you dealing with this issue and stop smoking quickly.

How to Find Out if You Are a High Risk Pregnancy in 12 Steps

Finding out if you have a high risk pregnancy is important. Having a high risk pregnancy means you have an increased risk of complications during pregnancy.

How to Find Out That You Are Pregnant In 12 Steps

For most women, missing a period is the most accurate sign of pregnancy, while others look for signs of pregnancy before a positive pregnancy test. Here are 12 things to consider when trying to conceive (TTC

How To Find A Good Hospital and Maternity Unit

Finding a good hospital unit for maternity is among the top priorities for pregnant women to ensure the optimal care when you are having a baby.

How to Have a Successful Pregnancy in 12 Steps

The obstetrician or family planning expert can help the mother-to-be, plan out the most effective lifestyle changes to optimize the health of mom and baby during gestation.

How to Deal With Children During Pregnancy in 12 Steps

Pregnancy can be a difficult time for the whole family but especially children. Here are 12 steps to make it easier.

How to Relax During Pregnancy in 12 Steps

Many women find it hard to relax during pregnancy. Our 12-step program teaches you how to relax better.

How to Deal With Your Mother-in-Law (MIL) During Pregnancy in 12 Steps

Mother-in-laws can be helpful or not when you are pregnant. Read how to deal with your MIL in 12 steps.

How to Get Pregnant Again in 12 Steps

So you already have a child and now you are trying to get pregnant again. Easy? Maybe not. Read our 12 step program.

How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy in 12 Steps

Start taking a prenatal supplement well before pregnancy. The most important part of pregnancy is the prenatal care. The first few weeks of gestation are full of quick growth for the fetus.

The 12 Steps Before Getting Pregnant

Our how to get pregnant instructions teach you how to get pregnant and have a healthy baby in 12 steps.

How to Exercise Safely During Pregnancy in 12 Steps

Exercise during pregnancy is important to improve the pregnancy outcome. Our 12-step program helps you improve your exewrcise during pregnancy.

How to Fly Safely During Pregnancy in 12 Steps

Flying during pregnancy in and by itself is not dangerous and does not increase pregnancy complications. Read on to find out how to make flying during pregnancy safer in 12 steps.

How to Diagnose Infertility in 12 Steps

Infertility and fertility testing must answer what is responsible for the couple's inability to get pregnant, and most of these tests can be completed within 5 weeks.

How to Survive the 3rd Trimester of Pregnancy in 12 Steps

The 3rd trimester, the last 12 weeks of the pregnancy, is important because significant issues can arise during this time.

How to Buy Maternity Clothes in 12 Steps

Shopping for maternity clothes during pregnancy is not so easy because it seems your body changes every single day.

How to Eat Healthy Food in Pregnancy in 12 Steps

The baby will get all the vitamins and calories it needs from a normal diet with a few additional calories, maybe about 300 Kcal a day.

How to Improve HER Fertility in 12 Steps

You can improve your chances of getting pregnant by following our 12 step program.

How to Get Pregnant After Birth Control in 12 Steps

There are many open questions about getting pregnant after birth control. Read here about 12 steps of what to do.

How to Travel During Pregnancy in 12 Steps

Most pregnant women should have no concerns traveling during pregnancy. There are certain tips to help make your trip the safest and most comfortable it can be.

How to Prepare For a Vaginal Delivery During Pregnancy in 12 Steps

About 2 in 3 women will deliver the baby vaginally. Our 12 step program will help you prepare for the vaginal delivery.

How to Deal with Pregnancy in Your 40's in 12 Steps

Pregnancy is different in your 40's when compared to when you were in your 20's. Our 12 step program will help you dealing with your pregnancy:

How to Deal with Pregnancy in Your 30's in 12 Steps

Let our 12 step guide help you deal with pregnancy in your 30's.

How to Decorate the Baby Room During Pregnancy in 12 Steps

Getting the baby's room ready is a time-honored tradition and can be done safely if you read our 12-step program.

How to Get More Sleep During Pregnancy in 12 Steps

Most women have problems with sleep during pregnancy. Our 12-step programs helps you with sleep issues during pregnancy.