Are Artificial Sweeteners Safe During Pregnancy?

If you use artificial sweeteners and are pregnant, it is always best to talk with your care provider on which sweetener you are using and how much you are consuming.

Are Low-Calorie Sweeteners Dangerous for Pregnant Women?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of low-calorie sweeteners during pregnancy. Two recent studies aimed to calculate the overall risk of preterm delivery in pregnant women based on consumption of low-calorie beverages.

Diet Soda Dilemma: Safe to Drink During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding?

To drink, or not to drink diet soda: this is a commonly asked question during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Many women whose pre-pregnancy drink of choice was a calorie-free Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi may have a difficult time giving up their beverage fix.

Artificial Sweeteners During Pregnancy

Aspartame is the artificial sweetener found in NutraSweet, Equal, and most diet soft drinks and other sugar-free treats, and it's considered safe when consumed in moderate amounts.

Typical patient questions about lifestyle

Many of my patients ask me about lifestyle issues and pregnancy, especially about exercise, alcohol, caffeine, and artrificial sweeteners. Here are my straight-forward answers:

Answers to Not so Common Pregnancy Questions

I’m constantly reading online pregnancy forums and Q&A websites looking for unanswered pregnancy questions. Recently, I noticed a huge influx of interesting questions I’d never come across before.