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Baby gear includes all the baby equipment you need to keep your infant comfortable and supported. Baby gear ranges from strollers to car seats, beds, toys, carriers, high chairs, walkers, swings, and communication equipment,
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How Many Billions Does the World Spend on Babies?

Babies are big business for advertising as well as for the manufacturers who produce baby goods so Nielsen watches what parents around the world buy for their babies. ... more »

6th Death Occurs a Year After Nap Nanny Infant Recliner Recall

An 8-month-old baby girl died recently in Hopatcong, New Jersey, after getting trapped between her crib bumper and her Nap Nanny Infant Recliner. ... more »

Beware Baby Safety Gates

Baby safety gates work as ideal ways to define baby's realm of exploration but the extent of their safety depends on how safely they are used. ... more »

10 Secrets of the Baby Product Industry

The baby-product industry generates $23 billion in sales each year but do we really need all that cute stuff? Industry insiders say we don't but they're glad we buy it anyway. ... more »

Foam Crib Mattresses Emit Toxic Fumes; Ventilation Important

A recent study of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) suggests it might be a healthy idea to let foam mattresses air out for about six months before putting a baby to sleep on it. ... more »

Safe Placement in Sling is Vital to Baby’s Health

Babies can be injured or worse when slings don't fit properly or when the baby is poorly positioned within them. ... more »

Safety Alert: Baby Monitors Recalled Over Defective Batteries, Burn Risk

Baby monitors sold under the Summer Infant brand name are being voluntarily recalled because the rechargeable batteries in them are known to overheat and some have ruptured. ... more »

Consumer Reports’ Top 5 Infant Car Seats

To keep your littlest passengers safe, Consumer Reports have devised a new series of rigorous tests for car seats for children of all ages. ... more »

Baby Monitors: Selling Fear, Peace of Mind, or True Protection?

Critics say baby monitors do little more than let you know if your baby is asleep or awake, in spite of the emotional marketing strategies that surround them. ... more »

Feds Say Infant Car Seats Should Be Included in Massive Graco Recall

Safety concerns for children have led the agency to issue a recall request to the manufacturer of approximately 3.8 million car safety seats designed for children. ... more »

Pacifiers Recalled Over Choking Risk

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced a recall of three models of infant pacifiers due to the risk of choking. ... more »

Baby Wipes May Be Cause of Persistent Rash

Moms everywhere have come to rely on products like baby wipes for infants and wet wipes for older children as an easy, convenient way to add an extra layer of cleanliness to a messy situation. ... more »

Top 4 Most Expensive Baby Gadgets

Baby gadgets are cool, especially for parents that all love their technology and use mobile devices every day. However, there are some gadgets for babies that are ridiculously expensive and cost more than a typical laptop, tablet, or Smartphone. ... more »

iAlert, the First Smartphone Monitored Car Seat

At the first glance, the car seat looks like any other well-made product. It’s a comfortable and easy-to-use car seat that features a removable headrest for better rear-facing installation and it comfortably sits any infant or toddler up to 35 pounds. ... more »

Buying Trends Signal Your Pregnancy to Retailers

An angry man walks into his neighborhood Target store clutching ahandful of coupons that had been mailed to his daughter. His anger, heexplains, is because his daughter is just a girl still in high schooland he fears the store's many coupons promoting maternity clothes, babyfurniture, and other items related to pregnancy might encourage her towant a baby. ... more »

My Infertility Journey: Making Room for Baby (Part 15)

While waiting for my first IVF appointment, I decided to make room for the new child. This was both a physical and a spiritual endeavor. I've always read that if you want something, you should act as if it has already come to you. ... more »

How to Prepare Financially for a Baby

Welcoming a baby into the family creates many changes. The financial landscape of a family's budget is dramatically altered when a baby arrives. Consider the following tips when preparing financially for your new addition. ... more »

Preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) - What the Latest Research Shows

While the condition is still not well understood, much research has been conducted in recent years in an effort to understand the causes and possible prevention of this heart-breaking illness. Below is a discussion of some of the latest findings. ... more »

Pacifier Do's and Don'ts

While the faithful pacifier can be a miracle for parents, there are some tricks to using it that maximize its benefits while minimizing its drawbacks. If you're considering using a pacifier with your infant, here are a few things you need to know. ... more »

Baby Room Ideas: Renters Guide to Creating the Perfect Nursery

If you want to change the paint color, put up a wall mural, or hang up curtains or heavy wall art, you may be out of luck. If you have a lenient landlord, count your blessings, but if you don't, it's time to get creative. ... more »

Safety First: Design Ideas for Your Baby Room

It's time to take a step back and evaluate the safety of your plan nursery. Here are some safety tips you need to pay attention to while designing the perfect sanctuary for your little one. ... more »

How to Create a Sleep-Conducive Environment for Your Baby

You have read about all of the things you can do to make your baby sleep better (less night feedings, bedtime routines, noise machine, etc.), but what about your nursery? Is it conducive to the kind of sleep your baby needs? ... more »

Is Your Stroller Causing Hyperactivity?

New parents take great care in choosing just the right stroller. They shop for comfort, ease of use and style, but what if after all that shopping and careful selection the stroller you chose caused serious health issues for your child? ... more »

Babies…the Newest Spring Accessory?

Mothers are now carrying their babies in slings, wraps and carriers, either on their chests or on their backs. Studies have indicated that babies who are carried, held and worn spend only a few minutes per day crying or fussing. ... more »

The Louboutin Infant Line

Baby’s first steps marks a moment that parents wait for with bated breath and then record on every type of media they possibly can. Did babies need to start wearing shoes so they would be able to walk and have normally developed feet? ... more »

Baby Showers: Six Hot Trends

The times when your grandmother threw together a baby shower with butter cream mints and her famous pasta salad that nobody likes are over.Today baby shower themes scream new, exciting ' YOU! ... more »

Is The Bouncy Seat doing More Harm Than Good?

His nephew—who loves the bouncy seat—hasn’t progressed in his crawling ability much yet, which my husband blames on the bouncy seat. By building his muscles in the bouncy chair, he is missing out on the chance to build his muscles for crawling. ... more »

4 Things You Should NOT Buy for Baby

An impulse buy plays on your emotions as an expecting or new parent and lures you into the “that’s so cute” zone. Before heading out for a day of shopping for baby, learn the top 4 things you should not buy for baby. ... more »

Is Secondhand OK for Baby?

Parents are as varied as the infants they bring home. When I was pregnant, I shopped thrift stores, the Goodwill, the Salvation Army and thousands of yard sales in an effort to fill baby’s room with furniture and clothes without breaking the bank. ... more »

Baby Lotion is a Marketing Ploy

While watching TV today, an adorable commercial for baby lotion came on. A beautiful, flawless baby laid on his back while his mom smiled and doted on him in a soft, pastel color scheme. ... more »

Baby Gear Tips: Buying Baby Clothes

There is nothing more cherished than stocking baby's drawers with little outfits and onesies. Buying new baby clothes is very expensive, ... more »

Baby Gear Tips: Buying a Baby Crib

There used to be only one choice in baby crib; the rectangle crib with one side that had to be forced down with great parental effort. ... more »

Baby Gear Tips: Changing Table Purchase and Safety

The changing table is an invaluable piece of equipment that will help mom and dad protect those back muscles while making a baby change here and there. ... more »

Baby Gear Tips: Bassinets and Baby Safety

The bassinet is one of those purchases that many parents never make. Instead, a family heirloom bassinet is handed down from generation to generation, leading to an increased chance of safety concerns, wear and tear. ... more »

Baby Gear Tips: Choosing the Best Baby Swing

There are times when baby just will not calm down. These are the times when parents take comfort knowing there is a baby swing in the house. ... more »

Baby Gear Tips: Baby Mobiles

Hanging over the baby's crib is the first introduction to education. Baby mobiles provide entertainment, soothing music and contrasting colors that stimulate brain activity. ... more »

Baby Gear Tips: Baby Bedding Selection and Safety

There is nothing cuter than seeing an infant lying in a baby crib with furry little animals on the sheet, bumper and pillow. ... more »

5 Baby Gear Items You Should Leave in the Store

Having a new baby is exciting and expensive. There are essentials that every family must buy ' diapers, wipes, food, clothing and a safe place to sleep. ... more »

Baby Gear and Safety: Choosing a Safe Rattle

Buying a rattle for baby as a gift or for your own infant seems like a harmless and inexpensive choice. Babies place everything in their mouths so rattles are both functional and fun. ... more »

Baby Gear Tips: All About Infant Swings

There is nothing more overwhelming that a crying baby that will not be soothed. Many parents find that swinging in an infant baby swing is a comforting motion for baby ... more »

Baby Gear Tips: Baby And Infant Car Seats

Despite a huge push for parental car seat education, about 90% of all baby and infant  car seats are installed incorrectly or used incorrectly on a daily basis. ... more »

Must Have Checklist

Taking care of a new baby is far less complicated than some parents believe. For hundreds of years, babies were born and cared for without the intricate electronic devices available today. ... more »

Baby & Postpartum

Now that your pregnancy is over you likely will have more questions about the postpartum time and the baby. Read here to have those questions answered. ... more »

How to Find the Best Baby Products

Finding the best baby products can be a challenge. There are a few things that one should consider when looking for the best baby products and how to best find them. ... more »

How to Gear Up For a Newborn Baby

By having the right gear for your new baby, caring for him/her can be a simple matter of simply providing for his/her needs. If you do not have the right gear, it can be a frustrating battle to attempt to get the gear while handling a screaming baby. ... more »

How to Eliminate Baby Poop Diaper Pail Odors

For most people, baby poop diaper smell in the pail, a combination of old, stale baby urine and poop, is the worst part of having a baby. ... more »

Best Infant Car Seats - Consumer Reports

Which infant car seats are best? ... more »