After a miscarriage, chances of getting pregnant may improve or remain unchanged. The number of miscarriages may decrease chances of getting pregnant over time, but there is also the chance that miscarriages will have no affect on the chances of getting pregnant, just on the chances of carrying the baby to term. The chances of getting pregnant after a miscarriage will greatly depend upon the reasons for the miscarriage(s) in the first place.
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How Long To Wait Before Getting Pregnant After An Early Miscarriage?

I am often asked by my patients "How long should I wait after an early pregnancy loss or miscarriage before getting pregnant again?". These questions usually have several different components. One is, when does fertility begin after a miscarriage, and the other is when is is safe to get pregnant again after a miscarriage.  ... more »

One Baby Aspirin a Day Ups Conception Rate After Miscarriage

The findings of a 2013 study on aspirin’s effect on conception indicates taking one baby aspirin a day ups the chance of conception by as much as 17% for women who have a history of miscarriage. ... more »
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Late Pregnancy Loss: Future Pregnancy Risk

There is nothing more painful than losing a pregnancy in the second or third trimester. Late pregnancy loss, while uncommon, could be a sign of future pregnancy risk. ... more »
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Getting pregnant after miscarriage

I had a D&C on may 18th due to a miscarriage. I had intercourse using the pull out method as contraception on may 27th and 30th. ... more »
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Pregnancy after Miscarriage

In most cases, a miscarriage is a protection of sorts from fetal abnormalities or internal issues that could not be controlled by the pregnant woman. ... more »
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Life and Pregnancy After Miscarriage

After miscarriage, many women have a long list of questions about physical health, mental health and parenthood. Understanding changes after miscarriage is often enough to put your mind at ease. ... more »
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Getting Pregnant After a Miscarriage

When is it safe to get pregnant again after a miscarriage? ... more »
Fertility and Ovulation after Miscarriage

Fertility After Miscarriage

There is some scientific evidence that you may be a little more fertile for a couple of months following a miscarriage. ... more »
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Menstrual Period After Miscarriage

After a miscarriage, it can take up to six to eight weeks for your ovulation to return to normal. And then it takes another two weeks for your period to come. ... more »
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Miscarriage Seven Weeks Ago

Could I be pregnant? ... more »