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Conception- What Are The Odds Getting Pregnant

Your chances getting pregnant depend on many variables including your age, your frequency of having intercourse, when you have intercourse, and other variables. ... more »
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What are the Odds of Having Twins?

The odds of twins depends on your age and whether they are identical twins or not and which ethnicity you have or whether you took fertility medications. ... more »
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Obesity and Time to Get Pregnant

Fertility for overweight and obese women can be significantly improved by losing weight, regardless of menstrual cycle regularity, parity, smoking habits and age. ... more »
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What Are My Odds of Having a Baby

Your chances and odds having a baby depend on three issues: Ovulation, Sperm, and Fallopian Tubes. ... more »
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Preterm Delivery Odds

What are the odds of preterm delivery? ... more »
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Recurrence Odds - Down Syndrome

What is the risk of having another Down Syndrome baby? ... more »
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Odds - Down Syndrome

What are my odds of delivering a Down syndrome baby? ... more »
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What are my Chances of Conception and Getting Pregnant?

Each month there is a 20-25% chance of getting pregnant, 50% of couples take 5-6 months, and 85% get pregnant after 1 year. ... more »

Eye color - What Are The Odds Of An Eye Color

Whether your baby will have blue eyes, green eys, or any other combination depends mostly on the parents eye color and background. ... more »
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Miscarriage - What Are The Odds?

How likely is it that I will have a miscarriage? ... more »