Is it Safe? How Safe is it in Pregnancy?

    Read here more about what is safe and what is not in pregnancy and while trying to conceive. Which activities and sports, which foods, which exposures can potentially harm your developing baby? ... more »

    Toddler Development: Gross Motor Skills 2 - 4 years

    Toddler Milestones: Gross Motor Skills 2 - 4 years ... more »

    Welcome to Toddlerhood: Social and Emotional Skills 12 - 24 months

    Welcome to Toddlerhood: Social and Emotional Development 12 - 24 months ... more »

    Welcome to Toddlerhood: Cognitive Skills 12 - 24 months

    Welcome to Toddlerhood: Cognitive Development 12 - 24 months ... more »

    Welcome to Toddlerhood: Communication Skills 12 - 24 months

    Welcome to Toddlerhood: Communication 12 - 24 months ... more »

    Welcome to Toddlerhood: Gross Motor Skills 12 - 24 months

    Welcome to Toddlerhood: Gross Motor Skill Development 12 - 24 months ... more »

    Welcome to Toddlerhood: Vision and Fine Motor Skills 12 - 24 months

    Welcome to Toddlerhood: Vision and Fine Motor Skills Development 12 - 24 months ... more »

    Preventing Infant Death: New Guidelines

    There is no more endearing a sight than a peacefully sleeping baby! But many parents worry about their baby's health and in particular the worst case scenario: infant death. New comprehensive guidelines from The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) give parents advice on reduce the risk. ... more »

    Itchy and Scratchy: How to Treat Your Child's Eczema

    Eczema is a common pediatric skin condition causing an itchy rash, which when severe can cause irritability, sleep problems and if it gets infected it can make your little one unwell. ... more »

    Combating Worry: A Guide for Parents

    “Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.” -  Leo F. Buscaglia Many parents describe feeling overwhelmed with a sense of worry. Left unchecked this can lead to sleep disturbance, depression, lack of focus, health and relationship problems and seriously affect your bonding with your child. ... more »

    Celebrity Babies – September 2016

    BabyMed shines the spotlight on these newest little stars.  Meet the celebrity babies born in September 2016. ... more »

    7 Things You Did Not Know About Getting Pregnant in Your 30s

    These seven things here that tell you what you did not know about getting pregnant in Your 30s: 1)   Get check-ups before trying to get pregnant ... more »

    7 Things You Did Not Know About Pregnancy in the First Trimester

    1)  Baby gender is all about daddy’s input ... more »

    7 Things You Did Not Know About Getting Pregnant

     1)  It takes a sperm and an egg Might seem obvious but it was a mystery until 1784.  That’s when Catholic priest / biologist / physiologist Lazzaro Spallanzani put two and two together.  He performed in vitro fertilization (IVF) on frogs and artificial insemination on a dog to prove the point.  Before that, nobody truly knew where babies came from. ... more »

    Semen Boosts Pregnancy Health, Improves IVF Success Rate

    At the International Congress of Immunology held in Australia this year, Sarah Robertson, from the University of Adelaide, presented the results of her recent study that found semen to be valuable in boosting the health of pregnancy and improving in vitro fertilization (IVF) success rate.  Frequent sex with a familiar partner seems to ensure the healthiest pregnancy, even while IVF is in progre ... more »

    Eat Together as a Family: Even Babies Know Food is a Social Event

      Throughout most of human evolution, families ate meals together.  It was an opportunity to socialize with each other as well as to satisfy nutritional needs.  Eating together as a family has been deeply ingrained in the human experience as a social event that nourishes both the family unit and the body. ... more »

    Soothing Fussy Baby with Food May Increase Obesity Risk

      A lifetime of food habits begins in infancy, when a baby depends on adult caregivers to respond to its nutritional needs.  Sometimes caregivers set the stage for problem eating later on, especially when they are soothing a fussy baby with food.  This practice makes a reward for bad behavior and turns food away from nutrition alone and into a crutch for emotional distress. ... more »

    Sweet High-Fat Pregnancy Diet Predicts Child’s ADHD, Conduct Disorders

    A recent study from the United Kingdom found it’s possible to predict which children are most likely to develop attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and conduct disorders by simply asking the mother about her diet during pregnancy.  Some children eventually outgrow ADHD and learn to control behaviors more effectively as they near adolescence but, again, mom’s too-sweet high-f ... more »

    Newborns Cry in Mother’s Native Language

      The bond between mothers and babies is a close one, started even before baby’s birth.  Once born, communication between mothers and babies is critical to the baby’s survival.  They must “tell” mom what their physical needs are in the moment and this begins the process of language development. ... more »

    10 Things Nobody Told Me About Getting Pregnant

    By the time a couple is thinking about starting a family, it’s safe to assume they both know a good bit about the topic.  If the desire for pregnancy is shared with others, an avalanche of personal experiences, old wives’ tales, anecdotes, pop news stories, and other pregnancy-related chatter is sure to follow.  Even with all the talk and all the research a couple might do before actually ... more »

    Preemie Brains Thrive on Breast Milk

      By Sandy Hemphill, Contributing Writer, BabyMed   ... more »

    Low Milk Supply Linked to Maternal Diabetes

    Women who have any form of diabetes during pregnancy may face a low milk supply that cuts short their breastfeeding plans, according to a recently published study from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.  The study did not differentiate between type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes but compared new mothers who had diabetes during pregnancy with new mothers not diabetic d ... more »

    High Cholesterol? Get More Sleep

      By Sandy Hemphill, Contributing Writer, BabyMed   ... more »

    Cosmetics: Looking Good at Baby’s Expense

    The radiant glow of pregnancy provides all the beauty enhancement some expectant mothers desire but most women turn to cosmetics before, during, and after pregnancy to feel they are looking their best.  Studies on environmental toxins are increasingly showing that risky toxins don’t always stay in the world out there; many of them exist in our intimate, personal environment, too.  Many of ... more »

    10 Things Nobody Told You About Home Birth

    When we don’t feel well, most people would rather be at home, surrounded by people and things familiar and comfortable.  Most women who give birth aren’t actually sick at the time of labor and delivery but they certainly don’t feel exactly well.  It’s understandable they want to be surrounded by the familiar and comfortable.  This desire for comfortable familiarity, coupled perhaps with the des ... more »