Progesterone test may predict viability of pregnancy and chance of miscarriage

    Measuring progesterone levels in women with pain or bleeding during early pregnancy is a useful way to help discriminate between a viable and a non-viable pregnancy, finds a study published on bmj.com today. ... more »

    Pregnancy Tests and Prenatal Testing

    A pregnancy test lets you know if you are pregnant or not. Prenatal testing is an important part of prenatal care and usually checks the health of the fetus as well as the mother.  ... more »

    Multiple marker - Triple or Quadruple screen

    The multiple marker test (sometimes referred to as the triple screen) can tell you if your baby is at an increased risk of having certain birth defects and genetic abnormalities. ... more »

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    10 Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms That Say You May Be Pregnant

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    Negative Blood hCG Pregnancy Test

    Could I still be pregnant even though my blood hCG test was negative? ... more »

    hCG Levels and Sex of the Fetus

    Women carrying a female fetus had significantly higher hCG levels than women who carried a male fetus. ... more »

    Tests Done Later in Pregnancy

    There are many common tests done later in pregnancy. One of the most discussed by pregnant women is the glucose tolerance test and fetal testing. ... more »

    What Affects Normal hCG Levels In Pregnancy?

    Human chorionic gonadotropin, more frequently referred to as hCG, is a hormone that is produced during pregnancy. ... more »

    Best Time When To Take a Pregnancy Test? Urine Test or Blood Test?

    When is the best time to take a pregnancy test? That depends upon the type of test. The two primary tests check the hormone levels found in urine and blood.  ... more »

    What is the Home Urine Pregnancy Test About and How Do You Do It?

    A home pregnancy test allows you to perform a test in your home to determine if you are pregnant. ... more »

    Pregnancy Test Calculator: How early and when should I take a Test?

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    Am I Pregnant With a Negative Pregnancy Test?

    Even a negative pregnancy test after a missed period could still mean you are pregnant. ... more »

    Chromopertubation - What is it?

    Chromopertubation is a procedure usually done during a laparoscopy where dye is injected through the cervix in order to visualize the fallopian tubes to see if they are patent or open. ... more »

    Pregnancy Symptoms and Early Signs of Pregnancy

    Typical early signs and symptoms of pregnancy and common pregnancy symptoms by week and trimester. ... more »

    Infections and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) During Pregnancy

    An infection during pregnancy is different from when you are not pregnant - it can affect the pregnant woman as well as the developing fetus inside the uterus. ... more »

    Pregnancy Tests Reviews

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    Fertility Tests And Testing For Women And Men

    Infertility testing usually consists of several stepwise tests to detect and then treat causes of infertility. It usually takes less than 6 weeks to find out the causes of infertility. ... more »

    Negative Pregnancy Test and Missed No Period

    Missed period and negative pregnancy test - How likely is pregnancy if the pregnancy test is negative? ... more »

    When Is the Best Time And How Soon To Take a Pregnancy Test - When is it Positive?

    The earliest time a urine pregnancy test is positive is around the time of your missed period, and a blood test will be positive 2-3 days earlier. ... more »

    Ovarian Function Testing

    How do you test ovarian function? ... more »

    Pregnancy Diagnosis and BBT Temperature Curve

    If you haven't had your period 15+ days after ovulation on the BBT temperature curve then a prgenancy is likely. ... more »