These articles are abstracts and research articles that are from peer-reviewed and other publications and that are usually listed in PubMed, a service of the US National Library of Medicine which provides access to medical and other articles.

The Human Microbiome and Pregnancy, Fertility, Infertility

A great deal of study is underway to learn more about the vaginal, gut, and uterine microbiome (collection of bacteria, fungi, yeast, and other microbial inhabitants) in fertility and pregnancy. ... read more »

Pregnancy Myth Quiz

When you are pregnant you need to know many things that you probably have never thought about before. That said, there are numerous pregnancy myths that have been told across generations. ... read more »

Advanced reproductive age and fertility

Pre-conception counselling regarding the risks of pregnancy with advanced maternal age, promotion of optimal health and weight, and screening for concurrent medical conditions such as hypertension and diabetes should be considered for women > age 40.  ... read more »

Acupuncture for infertility: is it an effective therapy?

Even though a positive effect of acupuncture in infertility has been found, well-designed multi-center, prospective randomized controlled studies are still needed to provide more reliable and valid scientific evidence.  ... read more »

Sperm counts and sperm sex ratio in male infertility patients

As a man's sperm production declines, so does the proportion of Y chromosome-bearing sperm. Thus, a man's reproductive potential may predict his ability to sire male offspring. ... read more »

Elective Induction of Labor

Our findings indicate that elective induction of labor at term gestation can reduce perinatal mortality in developed countries without increasing the risk of operative delivery. ... read more »

Daily Fiber Intake and Reproductive Function

A diet high in fiber is significantly associated with decreased hormone concentrations and a higher probability of anovulation. Further study of the effect of fiber on reproductive health and of the effect of these intakes in reproductive-aged women is warranted. ... read more »

Preventing Preterm Birth With a Cervical Stitch

Compared with no treatment, cervical cerclage reduces the incidence of preterm birth in women at risk of recurrent preterm birth without statistically significant reduction in perinatal mortality or neonatal morbidity and uncertain long-term impact on the baby. ... read more »

The role of acupuncture in in vitro fertilization

Although acupuncture has gained increasing popularity in the management of subfertility, its effectiveness has remained controversial. ... read more »