Recalls & Safety Alerts

6th Infant Death Due to Nanny Nap Infant Recliner Recall

An 8-month-old baby girl died recently in Hopatcong, New Jersey, after getting trapped between her crib bumper and her Nap Nanny Infant Recliner. ... read more »

Things Nobody Told You About Pregnancy and Postpartum

So you are trying to get pregnant? Or you are pregnant or just had a baby? Your friends and the books tell you how easy it is to get pregnant. How to improve your chances of getting pregnant? They tell you about morning sickness, swollen ankles, or how painful labor is.   ... read more »

Baby Monitors Recalled Over Defective Batteries

Baby monitors sold under the Summer Infant brand name are being voluntarily recalled because the rechargeable batteries in them are known to overheat and some have ruptured. ... read more »

Safe Placement in Sling is Vital to Baby’s Health

Babies can be injured or worse when slings don't fit properly or when the baby is poorly positioned within them. ... read more »