Semen Analysis Sperm Count - Normal Values

    A sperm count, also known as a semen analysis, is a test of a man's ejaculate to check for problems that may contribute to infertility. Normal findings vary from one laboratory to the other. Here are the WHO (World Health Organization) 1992 criteria:

    1. Volume: 2.0 ml or more
    2. Sperm Concentration: Over40 million total
    3. Sperm Concentration: Over 20 million/ml
    4. Morphology: 30% or more normally formed
    5. Vitality: 75% or more alive
    6. PH : 7.2-8.0
    7. White blood cells: Less than 1,000,000/ml
    8. Immunobead test (%sperm with beads): Under 20
    9. MAR test (%sperm with RBCs) <10
    10. Coagulate, Liquify, and Agglutinate: Yes
    11. Motility: 50% or more with forward progression; more than 20 motile sperm/cc
    12. Color: Gray/Translucent No Clumping, Sperm-to-Sperm, and Sperm-to-Round Cell