Earliest and Early Pregnancy Symptoms

    1. Earliest Signs of Pregnancy

    2. When do the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy appear?

    3. First Signs of Pregnancy as Described by BabyMed Users

    Earliest Signs of Pregnancy


    Couple with positive pregnancy testWhile many women report early signs and symptoms of pregnancy, others never have symptoms. For most women, missing a menstrual period is the very first sign that they are pregnant. Nausea and morning sickness are also commonly among the earliest signs of pregnancy, as well as fatigue and exhaustion. Breasts may also become tender, similar to the way they feel before your period. Many of these symptoms usually do not appear until after a missed period when hCG levels are high enough to induce the first signs of pregnancy, often weeks after implantation.

    When do the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy appear?

    The first appearance of the pregnancy hormone hCG depends on implantation, the attachment of the fertilized egg in the uterus. Implantation occurs on average 8-10 days after ovulation (range 6-12 days). hCG then first appears in the blood about 3-4 days after implantation, or at the earliest 10-11 days after ovulation. Before a missed period and positive pregnancy test, it is difficult to assume that certain physical symptoms are pregnancy-related.

    No matter how many symptoms you have, the only way to diagnosis pregnancy with sufficient reliability is to have a positive pregnancy test.

    First Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy as Described by BabyMed Users:

    • 5th week: Yawning..... and Fatigue — ShannonTTC#3
    • Sore nipples, extreme fatigue, no usual pms symptoms, no symptoms when i tested postive. began to feel extreme tiredness and nausea at 6 weeks — Caitlin2
    • Extreme thirst starting about 8 or 9 dpo, occasional localized sharp twinges, breast were not sore at all until 12-13dpo, and then only slightly (normally they get sore shortly after O), continuous presence of creamy CM after O (enough to notice on my panties in the week before AF was due), tired starting about 9 or 10 dpo. — Cari Sue
    • Very tired even before missed AF. Breasts got large and felt very heavy, also. Was hungry all the time. Frequent urination. All this before 5 weeks! (And this is my third child.) — Cari Lisa
    • First signs of pregnancy -Very tired all the time even before AF was due, creamy to watery CM, sore boobs, abdominal stretching feeling. — lori
    • Before I tested +, I felt like af was coming, I usually crave foods when I pms, no cravings, no moodiness, just crying at stupid things, indigestion (really bad), gassy and thirsty. Also my bb's usually hurt around 5dpo, nothing until 13dpo or so. I tested at 15dpo because my temp went up. — Anonymous
    • No symptoms except slight cramping around time AF was due. At about 6weeks pg started getting nausous and very slight temderness in breasts. Now at 8 weeks lots of morning sickness and VERY tender breasts! — Anonymous
    • Nausea and sore nipples ever since two days after I became pregnant. About the time af was supposed to show up the swelling in my breasts went down for a few hours and then I had two days of cramps and spotting. Did not test positive untill 6 weeks pregnant. — joanna
    • All I wanted to do was sleep 24 hours a day. — snowwhite888
    • First noticed heavier and larger breasts. About 7 days after O I had AF cramps for the day. Then extreme hunger and upset stomach. — Eliz
    • Cramps and low back pains, as if AF was coming. Plus this weird feeling like my heart was beating faster or harder - esp. when I was laying down. — ward
    • This is my 3rd pg and the only one I spotted with around af. Then the sore bb's, fatigue and nausea set in around 6 weeks. — Lesley
    • Before AF was due, I always felt crampy. I know it sounds silly, but I just "felt" pregnant. Now at 8 weeks, my bbs are tender, and I usually feel nauseous after eating, but don't always throw up. Tiredness is the big one for me! I can hardly stay awake at work. I'm usually in bed by 8pm. Headaches, and constant hunger are minor complaints too. Occasionally I still get the slight crampy feeling. — scarlet
    • When I got pg? Nada. Felt EXACTLY like af was on the way: cramps, backache and moody. In fact, I kept checking for af, but it just never came. I had no "pg" symptoms until a couple of weeks after I tested positive. Now at 9+ weeks I have sore bbs, fatigue, and queasiness especially when I haven't eaten in a while. — chocolates
    • Cramps a week before AF date. Implantation bleeding (it was actually a streak of blood only). Tested at 17DPO and got a ++. MS started at week 6. Mild at first with giddiness when I am hungry to severe nausea at week 7. Severe heartburn that agravated nausea. Couldn't eat anything mildly spicy till week 16. Horrible metalic taste in mouth and extreme salivation. Hopeful — chocolates EDD 9/11/2002
    • First signs of pregnancy -Cramping on my lower abdomen when AF was due and also stretching. This is not the usual spot I get cramps. — kezza
    • felt like i was going to have AF lots of cramps. Then day AF due breasts very tender. Also 7dpo i had lots of creamy mucus which was quite unusual for me. — Mamabear
    • Very sore nipples about a week before AF. Only started to feel tired around week 5-6, but nothing major. Have had a sore low back for about1 week now, am 7w 2d now. Constipation for the last week as well, That has to be the worst!! This pg is a complete reversal of my first. — Pandora
    • I just tested positive yesterday at home and today at OBGYN. No symptoms at all, just missed AF. I don't chart or anything, but I guess I am at about 16dpo, if I o'd right in the middle of my cycle. I am brand new. — BABYP
    • I became really tired around 7dpo and have been tired ever since. No breast tenderness even though I've gone up a size already. I only feel sick when I eat fast or am rushing around doing things. I'm now 6 wks 2 days. — Ginger1970
    • Thank you for starting this thread, it is so helpful to me! I'm really concerned that I've been cramping a LOT since 8 dpo and I usually don't cramp like this until the day of AF..5 more days till she is due and no sign. Glad to know this could be a sign. — jessieS
    • Hi ladies - I am new here. I tested ++++ on Sat. the 27th. I have had terrible cramps and back pain for about 4 days. Thats it so far - but I am only 4 weeks - so looks like I have a lot to look forward to :( But Ill take it all and then some!!!:) waiting. — Anonymous
    • At just a few days past O my legs and hands kept falling asleep (pins & needles) I was very thirsty and always felt hungry! Besides that, I had no "classic" symtoms when I tested +++ at 9DPO...! Good luck, Dawn. — josbean
    • I had cramping off and on since O. My bb's were tender and felt very heavy at the end of the day (it was different than they had ever felt before). I tested +++ at 12DPO with EPT. Also spotted at 5&6 DPO like always, but usually start spotting again at 9 DPO until AF and I didn't this time. — mommyof5
    • I had a very bad metallic taste in my mouth with all of my pgs. I had this before AF was due. — Judi
    • Approximately 10 dpo I had twingy feelings in my abdomen. I also usually spot about two days before AF but didn't. Tired all of the time and constipated. BB's felt heavy. I am only 5 weeks so we'll see what happens next. Also, very thirsty. — Ouellette
    • Ok I think all this happened the minute I conceived. I got really bad cramps around the time I should have gotten my period but they started earlier than if I were to get it. I also had and have lower back pain, occasional slight cramping, very thirsty, creamy/milky discharge, higher sex drive, frequent urination, cravings and constipation. Ironic that all I wanted to eat was chili and I was constipated.... :-) I am now 7 weeks and I don't know about this clothes get tighter around 9 weeks thing. — ShannonTTC#3
    • Oh i forgot about the horrible gas. — Elizabeth
    • My very first symptom was having to get up and pee at night (I usually don't have to.) This started about 10 po, and since my chart looked triphasic, I went ahead and tested with Clear Blue Easy at 12 dpo and got a +. M/s hit at six and a half weeks. Also have sore nipples and am fatigued. Oh, and gas!! — Elizabeth  
    • I am 10 weeks today and I have just started the whole morning sickness deal. I was getting nauseated around lunch time and it would last until early evening, but now I am getting it more extremely and more often. My bb are bigger and very tender! I crave foods, but (and I know this sounds silly) I don't know what they are. Nothing satisifies the cravings. I am always sleepy. I actually called in one day to work to sleep! And DH would tell you I am moody! But, it's all worth it in the end. I can't wait! — havinfaith
    • it looks like I may some unusual symptoms. Oh well I guess it's good to be unique. I start having symptoms about 2 dpo. I have a tingling feeling in bbs. Fatigue, frequent urination, extreme hunger, nausea and increased heartburn but I also start having very unusual dreams and a different sleep pattern. I find myself waking up at different times during the night, I don't sleep as well as I usually do. I also have an enhanced sense of smell and very specific cravings. This is pg #4 and these symptoms have been pretty consistant with all 4. — Cleo
    • Well, I had breast soreness but it appeared to become lesser and lesser......cramps and severe pms ..................actually more pms symptons than pregnancy really......so ladies, don't give up hope when you start pms symptons. — Austenii
    • 5dpo - Nausea (but didn't throw up) during the time in the public toilet (the bad smell), and during i feel hungry or very full..7dpo - bb is tender..the bbt is still keep up..10 dpo - was having to get up and pee at night (I usually don't have to.) 12 dpo - My face skin is really really dry, I am very thirsty and always felt hungry! Constipation & gas..mild cramps14 dpo - got a faint ++18 dpo - bb is become large and tender..but not really tired..the temp is still keep in high level..watery & creamy discharge, but nthg at all. — GraphID
    • I'm 6 wks pg, no breast soreness this time, a little bit of fullness. Tired in the early afternoon and evening, yawning, constipation, just had little bit of nausea today (for the 1st time). Not overly bloated, everyday seems different. A/F type cramps off & on since 8 DPO. Slight brown spotting 12 -14 DPO, but on progesterone suppositories now due to past M/C. — jordy
    • Virtually none. I was sure AF was coming even 1 week after it did not come. I had bad cramps. Imagine our shock. Now at 6 wks my breast have become tender and I do battle some quezzy feelings. But really I feel great. I would have never known if I had not done the test.Good luck to all. — Dillmore
    • Hey to All and Congrats to All! I charted my temps this month, and the only symptom I felt was tired and crampy, JUST LIKE AF. So don't be discouraged. My BBT went up so I tested, and +++++Now I am really tired around lunch and again at 3 or 4. BB's are not sore at all GraphID 644630186 babers. — Anonymous
    • I just found out yesterday that I am pg and am only dpo 13 today, but had this feeling I was pg. I know it's early but I have definitely had symptoms. I have been hungry, even waking in the middle of the night to eat! I have indigestion, queasy stomach and bloating. I have been peeing a lot (which is scary cuz I already do that!), and have felt mildy dizzy. I have had mild cramps, light spotting for a day and a half (gone now) and low backache. I have had major insomnia! I woke up last night at 2:30am and couldn't fall back asleep until 5:30! I have felt "things" I can't quite explain in my uterus like twinges or something. And I have been sort of ditzy and preoccupied. That's about it for now! No sore bb's yet, and not extremely tired, which is a shocker! I'm sure my nightly insomnia will take care of that! — Anonymous
    • 10dpo: some cramps and nauseousness, larger painful bb's.11dpo: same as 10dpo with creamy discharge12dpo: morning sickness, pain in wrists and ancles, gas, insomnia, having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.13dpo: cramps in my uterus, (not af cramps, more stretchy feeling)14dpo: soar bb'snow (19 dpo): a bit nauseous in the morning and afternoon, gas at night. Larger breasts. Feeling lazy, don't feel like doing anything but reading about pregnancies. — Anonymous


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    Hi everyone! I am new to this group but really like how everyone provides so much feedback here. I am about 9-10 dpo and have been having mild cramps on both sides and in my lower back. My breasts are just now becoming tender and I shouldn't AF until Jan. 4. I have taken 2 HPT, one when I was about 6dpo and another one today...both were BFN. I feel like I am preggo but not too sure. Anyone else have these symptoms