Abdominal Discomfort During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the ligaments located on the left and right side of the abdomen may create some abdominal discomfort from time to time. It is not uncommon to feel sharp pains on the sides of the tummy as well as with the growth of the fetus.

Causes of round ligament pain

Ligaments are located on the sides of the abdomen. These run from the top of the tummy to the groin area. As the baby grows, the tummy gets larger and larger and the thick bands of connective tissue must stretch in order to accommodate the new size. As the ligaments stretch, some aches and pains are often felt by pregnant women. Increased blood flow to the area may also cause some pain which is also common.

Important facts about abdominal achiness

Sudden changes in body position are enough to trigger round ligament pain. Getting up quickly, lying down or even a sharp cough can cause new stretching of the ligaments that can be painful. These pains often last only a few brief moments, but it is not uncommon for the soreness to linger for a few hours. If the pains are associated with spotting, cramping, change in body temperature, or fever, it is important to seek out medical attention regarding the pain.

Treatment for round ligament pain

Abdominal achiness is something that comes along with pregnancy, but that does not mean mom has to sit around in pain for the duration. Sitting down with feet propped up is one of the best solutions. If resting does not relieve the pain or the achiness turns into a sharper pain, contact your attending physician for more advice.

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