There is nothing more overwhelming that a crying baby that will not be soothed. Many parents find that swinging in an infant baby swing is a comforting motion for baby and run out to buy the latest, greatest piece of baby gear – the swing. Retailers will stock more of the high end products than those in the affordable range because desperate parents will spend any amount of money to help baby feel better, faster. Baby gear like an infant swing can provide hours of enjoyment and relief from crying, and choosing the right one starts with learning all about infant swings.

Motion – There are two types of baby gear swings available today – front to back swing and multiple direction swings. Front to back swings work exactly like it sounds, they swing forward and backward. Multiple direction swings often swing forward to backward and side to side.

Power – Baby gear swings typically run on hand power or battery power. Hand cranking varieties are inexpensive, but require regular rewinding to keep the swing moving. Battery operated baby gear swings are automatic, but tend to use battery power very quickly. Parents can save a bit of money by choosing rechargeable batteries and placing the batteries on the charger every night.

Sounds – Baby gear swings have been available with music for many years, but recently natural sounds have been added to the mix. Natural sounds include a rendition of the human heart beat, white noise and nature sounds. These may help calm baby, but the price of the baby gear swing with this extra will be much higher than varieties with basic lullaby music.

Safety – Baby gear swings should have safety precautions in place that meet current safety standards. These include a passive crotch restraint, waist belt or crotch belt. The idea is to keep baby in the swing as they get older. Few parents think twice about safety in terms of the baby gear swing, but infants can easily learn to climb up and out of the swing seat if not restrained.

Baby swings are one of the greatest inventions in baby gear. The soothing swing may help ease crying and give mom and dad a few moments of free time – something that is rare after baby is born. As is the case with any baby gear, buying used is less expensive, but check all used baby swings against past recalls for safety purposes.

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