Hanging over the baby’s crib is the first introduction to education. Baby mobiles provide entertainment, soothing music and contrasting colors that stimulate brain activity. There are several types of baby mobiles to choose from and some safety concerns to take into consideration before attaching a baby mobile to the crib.

Types of Baby Mobiles

The general types of baby mobiles are musical, lighted and basic. The musical mobile tends to be the most popular. The musical mobile runs on batteries or a hand crank system. The hand crank will be less expensive and weigh less. The battery operated baby mobile will be more convenient, but the added weight could be a safety risk. If a battery operated musical mobile is chosen, parents need to make sure the secure arm attached to the crib is in good working order and sturdy enough to hold the weight of the mobile with batteries without bowing down closer to baby.

Lighted mobiles often combine music with a light show. These are especially entertaining for older babies who can see the figures displayed on the wall. New babies tend to have restricted vision, so while the lights may catch her attention, she cannot make out the images on the wall. These units are almost exclusively run on batteries, so parents need to check the secure arm attached to the crib for stability.

Basic mobiles have no lights and no music. The hanging pieces can vary from colorful baby animals to blocks of contrasting colors. Experts believe black and white patterns are the most useful for the brain as they stimulate brain development.

Safety Precautions When Choosing a Mobile

Handmade mobiles are inexpensive, but they need to be safe for baby. The hanging objects need to be large enough to prevent getting lodged in baby’s throat. The hanging objects also need to be secured well to prevent them from falling into the crib.

When hanging a mobile above the crib, the hanging objects should not be within grasp of the baby. As baby grows older and can stand in the crib, the mobile should be removed as the string may cause a choking hazard.

Parents should inspect the mobile every day for damage or weak points. It may seem impossible, but a mobile can break in an instant and fall on baby if not checked properly. Tightening the screw that holds the arm to the crib every day is another way to ensure baby’s safety.

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