Between the years of 2003 and 2006, more than 250 children were treated for injuries associated with baby walkers in one hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Imagine the number of infants injured across the United States. Why are baby walkers unsafe?
Baby walkers are an unsafe piece of baby gear because there are no restraints. The wheels move the baby walker in all directions, allowing baby to traverse any open space. Bumping into counters, television stands and walls can cause things to fall on baby. It is not uncommon for a baby walker to bump into a wall and pictures fall from wall hangers. Picture frames contain glass and that glass can easily break on baby.

What are the alternatives to baby walkers?
Bouncy seats, chairs and cars are available as alternatives to baby walkers. The bouncy is a newer baby gear invention that continues to gain popularity. Most are created with toys and interactive buttons positioned on the full radius of the bouncy. Infants have the ability to twist in circles to play with each toy or bounce up and down on baby gear hydraulics.

Another name for bouncy baby gear is stationary activity center. Despite the increased safety, there are still some safety concerns parents should heed when buying this type of baby gear. Attachments should not be small enough to fit into the mouth and all activities should be securely attached to the center. If baby can pull it off, there is a good chance they will try to put it in the mouth.

Is there a safe baby walker?
After hundreds of infants were seriously injured while using baby walkers, manufacturers were forced to change the style to one that did not topple over. Even though newer baby walkers will not tip, the mobility factor has not changed. There is also the fact that infants are not typically strong enough to walk when full pressure from body weight is placed on the legs. This can cause permanent damage to little limbs.

There are some pieces of baby gear that are pure genius and others that should never have been created. Baby walkers are unsafe and should be replaced with an activity center for the safety of baby whenever possible.

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