There is nothing more cherished than stocking baby’s drawers with little outfits and onesies. Buying new baby clothes is very expensive, so many parents head out to thrift stores and second hand stores to find bargains on the basics. When choosing second hand baby clothes, it is important to remember the function of the clothing, the condition and the frills.

Basic Baby Clothing
The basic clothing baby will need includes onesies, t-shirts, comfortable stretchy pants and socks. With a large supply of these items, baby will be comfortable and covered at all times. Onesies tend to cost more than $10 for four to five pieces new. In a thrift store or second hand store, the cost can be as low as 10 cents each. Look for onesies that are free from excessive stains and in good condition. Second hand clothing is worn and thus the sizing may be a bit off. You may want to buy plenty of onesies in several sizes to have on hand as baby grows. T-shirts, stretchy pants and socks are the same way. Think comfort before style for the basic baby clothing items.

Specialty Outfits
Baby will dress up from time to time so one or two “nice” outfits come in handy. These outfits new could cost more than $30 each for one or two wears. The second hand price is often 90% lower, but there are some safety concerns when it comes to buying second hand “nice” outfits. Make sure none of the frills attached to the outfit are falling off or damaged. A bit of loose lace will be pulled away from the outfit and fit right into baby’s mouth.

Cloth Diapers – Second Hand Vs. New
Many parents shy away from buying cloth diapers second hand, but there could be quite a savings if they choose to take the chance. As cloth baby diapers are washed and used, they tend to absorb more than new cloth baby diapers. Even if mom and dad are going with disposable diapers, cloth baby diapers work perfectly as burp cloths or to clean up messes around the house. There is always a use for cloth diapers so take advantage of second hand prices and stock up on this baby essential.

Don’t be Lured in By Jeans and Multi-Piece Outfits
Just because that baby outfit with the jeans, turtle neck and sweater look cute on the hanger does not mean it is functional. Taking a pair of jeans off baby is a difficult process, especially when baby is small. They also tend to be more abrasive against the skin which can cause a rash for young babies. Multi-piece outfits require great care as each piece must be sorted and kept together for the next wear. This is a time consuming process that mom may want to skip for at least the first few months.