how to babysitMany young girls have already started thinking about working as a babysitter by the time they reach their 13th birthday. Even boys are starting to jump on the earning train by offering sitting services to families (especially those with male children). The biggest issue teens face when trying to break into the babysitting business is getting experience. Parents want to know the babysitter is experienced, but teens cannot get experience if no one will hire them. The answer is simple, start by gaining experience in other ways.

  • Volunteer at an Elementary School: Earning some volunteer hours with young children is a fantastic means of gaining experience. Visit the website for the nearest elementary school or daycare center and look for a calendar of events. Mark the events that take place after school on a calendar. Ask a parent or guardian to contact the school to inquire about volunteer opportunities. Signing up to volunteer is exponentially easier if you have a younger sibling attending the school. Volunteer as much as possible and ask a nearby teacher or the school principal to sign a volunteer sheet before you leave.
  • Contact Local Government for Information on Local Babysitting Classes: There are dedicated babysitting classes offered in some areas. The classes entail learning how to care for a child, CPR certification and First Aid certification. Your certifications will need to be updated yearly. If there are no babysitting classes in your area, ask your local town government office or local fire department for information on CPR and First Aid certification courses. 
  • Ask a Family to Babysit for Experience: Babysitting while mom or dad complete chores around the home is not the same as babysitting with no other adults around. Ask a family member or friend of the family to allow you to babysit (free of charge) a few hours a week for experience. It is best if you are left alone with the child for at least one to two hours. 
  • Create a Babysitting Resume: You have volunteer hours with children, certification and experience babysitting. The time has come to gather all this information together in a babysitting resume. List your experience, accomplishments, training, certification, volunteer hours and references on the resume.

Ace the Interview: With all that training and preparation complete, you must master the final step in learning how to be a babysitter - acing the interview. Be honest and forthcoming when parents ask questions. Always address parents by a formal name like Ms. Smith or Mr. Smith. Never try to fluff your way into a babysitting job, honesty is the best policy. And, always remember to give the parents a copy of your babysitting resume.

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