nanny and childrenBeing a nanny is far different than babysitting once in a while for a family friend. Nannies are responsible for total care of children while on-duty and sometimes also the home, pets, shopping, cooking and more. At the heart of becoming a nanny is experience, but experience is gained with employment; if you need to start from the bottom, you can begin with a good education, CPR and first aid certification, and the desire to be a part of a child’s life.

Getting a Good Nanny Education
The world of nannies has grown and changed in recent years. Nannies are now educated women with degrees in child care and decades of experience, though they all started at the bottom. If you do not have a college education or you have no plans on attending college in the near future, you can enroll in free online classes pertaining to child care and child education. If your local community offers a babysitting course, take the course and ask the instructor for a letter of completion, if one is not provided to all class graduates. Self study in the fields of psychology, sociology, child care and child education can give your application a stronger foundation.

You will also need to research employment contracts, specifically nanny contracts. Nanny contracts detail pay, expectation and duties, but they also serve as backup if something goes awry in the familial situation. The nanny contract should include details about family vacations, job description and work hours versus free hours, among many other details of the job.

CPR and First Aid Certification
It is best to be certified in First Aid and CPR prior to applying for a nanny position. Contact your local fire department or hospital for information on local classes. Community college and universities often offer free classes or for a small fee. If your babysitting course included first aid and CPR certification, skip to the final step.

Finding Employment as a Nanny
Write down the services you are willing to provide the employing family, including full-time/part-time care, live-in/live-out care and relocation. Complete a nanny resume explaining all the training and education you have completed during the preparation process. Include letters of recommendation that exemplify your personality, talents and experience. Remember to include details about all certifications, degrees or certifications of completion you have earned.

Contact an online or offline nanny agency if you want to market your services to a broad selection of potential employers. If you would prefer to work locally, hang flyers or talk with friends and family to ask if they would share your name with others who may be looking for nanny care.

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