There’s going to be a lot of hustle and bustle in everyday living once a new baby arrives. Many soon-to-be parents escape on a babymoon in the months before delivery day so they can rekindle romance, relax, and rest up for the hard work of parenting coming their way.

Couple on beach vacationThere’s a vacation style to match every couple and the travel experts at Fodor’s scour the world to find just the right destination to match all personalities. For couples looking for a laid-back surf-and-sun experience that’s off the beaten path, these six beaches are worth checking out.

  1. Sandbridge Beach, Virginia
    Fifteen miles and worlds away from the crowds flocking to Virginia Beach, Sandbridge’s secluded beaches and untouched sand dunes provide the perfect backdrop for exploring marshes, hiking, or kayaking. There’s a national wildlife refuge and a state park nearby to keep nature enthusiasts busy but at their own relaxed pace.

  2. Folly Beach, South Carolina
    Find delicious down-home-style seafoods served up fresh and irresistible in this quaint beach town in the heart of the Lowcountry’s summer playground. Surf, swim, stroll the pier at your leisure, and then dine on the day’s catch at any one of a number of scenic restaurants on the picturesque waterfront.

  3. Cumberland Island, Georgia
    You’ve got to hop on a ferry to get to this island with 18 miles of unspoiled beaches that have changed little in hundreds of years. Lush live oak canopies will remind you you’re in the Old South but the wild horses that call the island home suggest the island was a living paradise long before anyone whistled Dixie.

  4. Dry Tortugas, Florida
    Turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, palm trees swaying in tropical breezes await visitors to this chain of seven islands off the southwestern coast of Florida. These islands, sometimes called the Tortugas Keys, are known for their vibrantly colored marine life and historic Fort Jefferson. The fort’s ruins are so pretty you’ll forget it housed political prisoners in the 1800s.

  5. Second Beach, Washington
    Beaches in the areas in and surrounding the Olympic National Park are breathtakingly beautiful but dramatically different than East Coast beaches. First and Third Beaches are nearby but not as secluded as Second Beach, reached only by a hiking trail that dazzles with glimpses of stunning bluffs, tree-topped sea stacks, and the emerald green forests that make the Pacific Northwest famous.

  6. Awahua Beach, Hawaii
    History abounds at this spectacular but secluded beach that once housed a leper colony. Whether viewing the tranquil, isolated beach by water or hiking in from the cliffs above it, the peaceful beauty of this beach will leave a lasting impression.

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