Happy couple hug in the parkA babymoon is the ideal occasion to do things you won’t be able to do once vacations come with kids in tow. Many locations and activities are unsuitable for children - hotels clinging to Grecian cliffs or hot-air-ballooning over French wine country - so do consider indulging in adults-only activities now, keeping in mind the more romance, the better.

Most of the major franchise hotels have specialized babymoon packages but they can be quite pricey. Quaint hotels in rural villages, small inns alive with local culture, and overnight accommodations at chateaux, castles, and estate houses can offer an unforgettable feel for life in Europe while allowing babymooners to do and see as much or as little as they choose. Let them know you’re babymooning when you make a reservation and they’ll likely enjoy helping you make the most of this very special time together.

These five European destinations are just the tip of the iceberg:

  1. Austria: Hoteldorf Gruner Baum features in-room and in-house indulgences for babymooners and the horse-drawn carriage ride through the nearby National Park Hohe Tauern culminates in dinner at a mountain chalet with stunning views, a treat sure to leave memories to last a lifetime.
  2. England: Royal Babymoon Package at Cliveden House, Berkshire, England, nestles expectant parents into the lap of luxury. Churchill, Chaplin, rock stars, and royalty have all enjoyed luxurious stays at this gorgeous country retreat.
  3. France: Watch the beautiful French countryside drift lazily along from a barge cruise that takes you down some of France’s most picturesque rivers. Stop to see the sights along the way, setting your own pace and agenda for optimum romantic enjoyment.
  4. Italy: At the Mezzatorre Resort & Spa in Naples, babymooners enjoy life on a Mediterranean island where they are lavished with massages and skin-care treatments designed especially for parents-to-be. Food, flowers, and healthy beverages provide a feast for the body and the senses.
  5. Scotland: The Stirling Highland Hotel, in Stirling, Scotland, offers babymooners special packages to celebrate the occasion in the land where the kilt and the game of golf were born.

Babymooners traveling to Europe are urged to check on any travel restrictions that apply to pregnancy, including medical and citizenship documentation and immunizations. If a European babymoon is on your agenda and it involves travel outside your home country, be sure to let your obstetrician in on your plans and ask for any special advice that applies to your destination.

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