The BabyMed FertilChart™ Basal Body Temperature BBT chart and charting tool makes it easy to start a FREE fertility and temperature basal body temperature chart, calculate important fertility dates, find out if you ovulate or not, and see pregnancy temperature charts.

Before you start charting, please read first our Charting 101 Page.

Many online charting systems include some form or another of an automatic calculation of fertility, most of which is inaccurate because they don't take into consideration the human factor.

The BabyMed FertilChart™ takes it a significant step further. We are the only online BBT charting system that's not only completely FREE but we also have real human beings who perform BBT Chart Expert Evaluations. You create your chart and send it to our experts for a free evaluations. Our experienced experts will then a real close look at your chart and change the calculated day of fertility to your real day. Within a short time you will get an e-mail informing you that your chart was evaluated. Not by a computer but by real and live personnel.   

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Before you start charting, please read first our Charting 101 page.

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