Newborn babyLabor & Delivery offers no shortage of moments that run the full spectrum of emotions. But sometimes, things that occur in the process of bringing babies into the world that just make you take a step back and laugh. Here are some of the funniest moments I’ve ever encountered in the delivery room.

  1. It’s sometimes said that the Labor & Delivery staff needs to worry more about father of the baby than the mom and baby themselves. This case was no exception. After witnessing his new daughter come into the world, an excited father made his way over to the warmer to meet her. Unfortunately, he didn’t notice the large overhead light in his way and walked straight into it.
  2. Laboring moms frequently rely on their partners to sway and move throughout contractions. During one particularly tough contraction, the mom was swaying in her partner’s arms and moaning when the dad blurted out “isn’t it ironic that this is how we got here in the first place?”
  3. A couple wanted to be surprised by the sex of their baby so after birth, the doctor showed the baby to the dad, who took a quick peek and joyfully announced that it was a boy. The baby immediately went up to mom's chest for bonding, and the parents sent out texts and pictures to family and friends announcing the new arrival. Unfortunately, an hour later when the baby was taken to the warmer for the newborn exam, it was revealed that the baby was actually a girl.
  4. A mother had just delivered a baby boy after a very difficult labor and several tough hours of pushing. She was exhausted and relieved to be done with the process when her doctor looked up at her and said “great job with that one, now it’s time to buckle down and get this other baby in here out!” Of course, the mother was not actually having twins, but in the moment, she gave her doctor a look that could kill.
  5. An excited dad knew that he would be receiving a very special gift the day his new son was born, but he got more than he bargained for. Dad leaning over the warmer taking pictures of his new son when the newborn peed right on the camera.

Did you have a funny moment occur during your labor and delivery? I would love to hear it!