The #1 question on BabyMed is: "I am having all these symptoms, could I be pregnant and am I pregnant with these pregnancy symptoms and a negative pregnancy test"?

If you think you may be pregnant then the first thing to do is to do a pregnancy test. The pregnancy test usually provides you with the best answer. Without testing you do not have the answer. If you are pregnant then the test is usually positive, especially if it's done after you miss your period.

You can also do the Pregnancy Chance Test and find out your chances of getting pregnant.

If you missed your period and you get a negative pregnancy test, then it should be repeated within the next week. If it is positive, then you are pregnant. If a pregnancy test is repeatedly negative over several weeks after you missed your period, chances are that you are not pregnant.

No matter how many supposed pregnancy symptoms you experience: You are not pregnant until the pregnancy test is positive. 

A repeatedly negative pregnancy test means you are not pregnant, and if you have doubts about the urine test, you may want to do a blood test in your doctor's office to confirm what the urine test says. 

If you are not pregnant and you are having all these symptoms, your doctor should examine you and find out what's going on. many of the typical pregnancy symptoms can also be experienced with other conditions.

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