There are a lot of changes that happen to us women during pregnancy. While many of them are undesirable, some of the many changes are actually a nice surprise. With how much we have to put up with in pregnancy, I thought it would be refreshing to focus on a few positive pregnancy changes that we get to experience.

Thicker Nails
Women’s fingernails and toenails tend to grow in thicker and stronger during pregnancy, a result of increased blood flow to the baby. They also grow more quickly.

Better Hair
Hormone changes result in faster and thicker hair growth that can look and feel splendid. This same change can also cause hair growth is less desirable places.

Nicer Skin
Many women find that their skin is smoother and less oily during pregnancy, and sometimes it has a glow to it.

A Pregnancy Glow
The pregnancy glow is the positive result of heightened blood flow in the body. The increased blood is used to help nourish the growing baby, but by a happy accident, it can make a woman look gorgeous and radiant too.

Younger Face
The changes in a woman’s face as a result of pregnancy often leave them looking younger and more vibrant. Depending on the woman, this change may or may not be temporary.

Bigger Breasts
Many women find that their breasts grow one or more cup sizes in pregnancy. Any women who have been self-conscious or unhappy about the size of their breasts can see them augmented the natural way through pregnancy.

Sex Dreams
While many people believe that pregnant women feel bloated and ugly, many experience the exact opposite. Because of a surge of hormones and blood flow, pregnancy can trigger intense and pleasurable sex dreams, arousal, and even unexpected orgasms.

A second look through this list will reveal that most of the changes can be viewed as double-edged swords. Some women might not want parts of their body to get any bigger, while others don’t have the good fortune of seeing positive skin, hair, or nail changes. Some get mostly negative changes instead. Still, there are enough positive changes that take place in pregnancy to make the journey worthwhile, most importantly, that little bundle of joy that will certainly change your life for the better.