I’ve said before that one of my sisters was pretty nervous about being a mom. She eventually chilled out a little once my niece grew into a toddler, but she was still worried that she would lose her somewhere and so she liked to keep a close eye on her. Wanting to keep a close eye on your kids is a smart thing to do. Toddlers can wander off and get lost in crowds pretty easy. If you’re one of those parents that like to have a little extra help from your technology, then you’re going to love these apps and gadgets that help keep track of your toddler.

Mommy I’m Here Child Locator

This was one of my favorite gadgets because it attaches right to your toddler’s clothing and doesn’t require her to carry it around in her pocket or backpack. The devise is shaped like a bear and can easily be attached to your toddler’s shoe or shirt. The receiver clips onto your belt or belt loop. If you lose sight of your child, simply press a button on the receiver and the bear attached to your child will emit a loud beeping sound so that you can find her. These devices sell for about $25.

Amber Alert GPS V3
Though these are made for slightly older children, they can still be used on toddlers as long as your child isn’t able to get the device out of their pocket. The device is a small receiver about the side of a large flash drive. You customize the software so that you designate safe areas for your child to be in, such as their school. You will get an email or text alert if your child leaves the area. The device also comes with an emergency button your child can push, though this may be too advanced for toddlers. The device is also able to sync up to the National Sex Offender Registry so you will know if your child comes within 500 yards of a sex offender’s residence. This device costs about $199.

HiSense BabySense V Infant Movement Monitor
This device is more for infants than toddlers. It’s designed to go into your baby’s crib so that motion can be detected. Two sensors are placed under the crib’s mattress and if your baby stops moving for more than a few seconds, you will receive an alert. Even breathing counts as motion, so you don’t have to worry about getting an alert every time your baby is merely sleeping. This gadget costs about $130.

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