Babies look adorable in sunglasses. In fact, babies look adorable in anything, but when you dress them up in accessories that are superfluous and mature, they look like the little, tiny people it’s easy to forget they are. Baby sunglasses come in many shapes, and it’s not uncommon to find heart-shaped, shamrock-shaped, cat-shaped, or star-shaped shades to show off your baby’s style. The best part is that your baby might actually like them. If your little one is old enough to try emulating you, he or she will be proud to pull off the same look as you. However, sunglasses can be more than just a miniature fashion accessory.

Your baby’s eyes are sensitive to ultra-violet light. The sooner you start protecting your child’s eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, the less likely he or she will be to develop problems associated with sun exposure, such as vision loss. That means it’s actually a great idea to spruce up your baby’s outfit with some colorful shades. However, you should choose wisely. Studies show that cheap sunglasses without UV protection can actually damage your baby’s eyes more than they would be damaged without any shades at all. As you can imagine, there are many baby sunglasses in stores that are made purely for style and provide absolutely no protection. When babies wear these, their pupils dilate because they are shaded, but the sun’s rays still fully make their way into their eyes.

If your baby is willing to wear sunglasses, buy a pair that has a percentage of at least 99% protection from UVA and UVB rays. By buying cheap sunglasses without such protection and exposing your baby to the sun, you’ll do more damage than good. If your baby doesn’t like wearing sunglasses, you should buy a hat or a cap to protect his or her eyes from the sun instead.

The sun can do a lot of damage, especially to babies with delicate bodies and immune systems. Make sure your baby is protected from the sun. Always apply sunscreen before you take trips outdoors, and never leave your baby directly in the sunlight without total shade or coverage. His or her eyes can be permanently damaged overtime as a result of too much exposure. Especially if your baby is a future fashion diva, a cute pair of UVA sunglasses for those outdoor adventures is an easy way to prevent permanent damage.

Source: Sophie Balk: Ultraviolet Radiation: A Hazard to Children and Adolescents. Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics Volume 127 Issue 3 pp. 791-817 March 2011


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