Low-impact exercises are crucial during pregnancy. It’s important for women to get the exercise they need when they’re pregnant, but finding low-impact exercises that don’t leave them sore and uncomfortable can be tough. A friend of mine is an enthusiastic participant in water aerobics even though she doesn’t have children and isn’t pregnant. She says that many people in her class are pregnant however, and they find that water aerobics is the perfect exercise solution.

What is Water Aerobics?
Water aerobics combines moves from dancing, Pilates, and yoga, but they’re all done in the water. The moves are also altered slightly so that they’re suitable to do when you’re chest high in water. The water relieves back pressure and pain as well as joint pain. The buoyancy makes the position much easier to hold and women often find they get a much better workout in the water because they can do more than they would normally be able to do on dry land.

Also, in order to keep upright while holding the position, the abdominal muscles get a fantastic workout, which means you’re not only do aerobics, you’re also strengthening your core during the whole class without having to pay for the workout later with a sore back.

Other Benefits
In addition to getting a hearty workout, the atmosphere of water aerobics is also soothing for pregnant women. The cool water helps relieve swelling, which is common during workouts for pregnant women, and the water is also calm and relaxing.

As refreshing as water aerobics is, you still need to take the same precautions as you would during a normal workout session on land. Remember to drink plenty of water and give yourself some time to rest between reps. Even though you’re in the water, you’re still losing fluids. You may even be losing them faster because water aerobics forces you to use more muscles that you would on land. 

Also, if you become too out of breath, that’s a sign to take a breather and rest for a minute or two. Though it’s less likely, if you begin to experience pack and pelvic pain, stop for the day. The normal amount of exercise is 10-20 reps with a rest period in between. Even if you feel like you can do more because of the water, it’s a wise choice to stick with this amount and play it safe.

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