Many of my friends enjoyed pregnancy. They got to eat more of their favorite foods, they had baby showers, they were excited to be new moms, but when the baby came, they were a little baffled about what to do with their new bundle of joy. Finding things to do with your child is an important part of the bonding experience. Though it can be a little overwhelming, doing activities with your baby other than the normal feeding and cuddling can be a very rewarding experience.

Exercise with Your Baby
Even if you don’t belong to a health club with mommy and me classes, there are plenty of light exercises you can do at home or in your neighborhood with your new baby. If you don’t want to go out, you can do some light stretching exercises. If you want to get out of the house, try going for walks or even jogs if you have the right stroller.

Join a Play Group
Check out your local family rec center or even your local hospital for play groups for new moms. You can hook up with other new moms in the area with children the same age as your little one. Joining a play group has several benefits. You get to do something fun with your child in addition to meeting other moms around your area, and your child has the chance to make friends and practice early social skills.

Your baby is never too young to start learning. You might be able to sign up for community baby classes where you can learn how to interact and teach your child new skills. Classes can include music, basic literacy skills, sign language, and much more. Like play groups, these learning classes can put you in touch with other moms and families around your area with children of a similar age with your new baby. Some learning experiences don’t even require you to sign up for classes. You can take your child to the local children’s museum, or make it a play date with some friends and their children. You can also experience local parks and even family friendly farms to get your children acquainted with domestic animals.

Above all, utilize your local library. Chances are that they will have information about play groups and family friendly outings. Also, they will have events right at the library. Most importantly, they will introduce your child to reading. Start reading to your child now, so they can cultivate a love of literature for the rest of their lives.