Even though your child may be young, it’s never too early for playdates and hanging out with your little one. My mother started to bring us places at an early age to get us used to people and the world around us. Also, getting your little ones out of the house is great exercise and it helps build their social awareness.

If you’re having trouble thinking of bonding and playing experiences to share with your child, look no further. Check out a few of these special bonding playdates just for mommy and me and get ready to break out the stroller and have some fun!

Latte Dates
Obviously your child is too young for coffee, but don’t let that stop you from going out for your favorite brew and maybe a stroll in the park. If your child is young enough to drink from a cup or even from a sippy cup, they can enjoy a “latte” just like mommy. Just ask your barista to make your child a hot chocolate or even steamed milk with a little flavoring. If you’re worried about sugar intake, flavor your child’s latte with some honey – provided they’re old enough for honey – or ask for sugar free syrup.

Parent-Child Classes
Some of the most popular mommy and me classes are tumbling and gymnastics. A friend of mine is an aerobics instructor at several gyms and she runs a mommy and me tumbling class a few times a week. It features light stretching and gymnastics that are fun for children and moms alike. Plus, it’s good exercise for your child and it provides you with an opportunity to meet other moms with children of similar ages in your neighborhood.

If the weather isn’t ideal for taking a walk in the park or doing other outdoor activities, then take it indoors. One of the best ways of spending time with your little one inside is cooking. Kids love to play with ingredients and “cook” with mom, especially if they know they get to help make some of their favorite treats. Bake cookies or brownies with your child and help them learn how to measure and mix ingredients together. Again, if you’re limiting sugar intake, choose healthy foods like celery and peanut butter. Make ants on a log by or a celery boat by affixing carrot slices to the celery with toothpicks, then fill the celery with peanut butter and add a sprinkling of raising or craisins for ants.