Growing up, my sisters and I lived in the foothills of Mt. Hood, which go a lot of snow. As the days got shorter and colder, we tended to get a touch of cabin fever. If you have children, you know what this looks like. There’s only so much running around the house you can stand before it’s time to bundle the kids up and take them out into the snow. This winter, if you’re looking for some fun, family-friendly activities to do with your kids around the holidays, then check out a few of these games and pastimes other parents have tried to avoid cabin fever and make the holidays a bit more exciting.

Play in the Snow
Most parents don’t have to ask their kids twice to go play in the snow, but if you have younger children, you’re going to need to supervise them and give them tips on what to do. For starters, teach your children how to build a snowman and snow forts. They may be too little for snowball fights, but they will love rolling the snowballs to make a snowman. Another idea for little ones is snow sculptures. Assembling a snowman can be tiring for young children because of the heavy lifting. Instead, have them build snow sculptures on the ground. To make it more interesting, mix water and food coloring in a spray bottle and let your kids color their sculpture or even paint pictures in the snow.

Go to the Zoo
For a fun family weekend outing, try visiting your local zoo. At this time of the year there won’t be many people and the zoo itself may be decorated with lights for Christmas. It can get a bit chilly, but if you’re all bundled up tight it can be more fun than going during the summer, especially if you bring a thermos full of hot chocolate to keep your warm.

Play Games Indoors
Though you don’t want you children to get too riled up inside, some structured games on bad weather days can help them burn energy and still leave the house intact afterwards. Play games like hide and seek, duck-duck-goose, and Simon says. You can also play songs, and for little kids you can play with finger puppets to act out a story.

There are plenty of ways to have fun this holiday season even though the weather is bad. Don’t let a little snow and rain stop you from playing as a family. Just grab your coats, scares, and mittens and play away the holiday season!