If you’re the type to go out every weekend with your friends and have a couple of drinks at the club, you may experience a period of boredom after getting pregnant. Obviously you can’t go out drinking and dancing at a bar, but you still have plenty of options for entertainment. On the other end of the spectrum, if you like high intensity sports you too may not be able to enjoy the activities you normally participate in for the next 9-10 months.

The activities you enjoy are not gone forever though, you just need to pick up some new family friendly hobbies for a while that you and your growing family can enjoy together. While they might not be the normal activities you do every day, they’re low-impact and fun to do with friends and family alike.

Go Out to Dinner
Going out to dinner is at the top of many pregnant women’s lists. You’re eating for two now, which makes it the perfect time to go out to that one place you’ve always wanted to visit. Make it a date night with your spouse. Make a list of all the restaurants you’ve always thought about going to and choose one for every weekend.

Try Low-Impact Sports
If you’re a sport enthusiast, you may be bummed out to hear that you can’t participate in some of the events you typically engage in. However, sports are not entirely off limits. You can participate in most water sports since water minimizes back strain, swelling, and overheating. It’s also a great cardiovascular workout and it’s something your entire family can enjoy all year long.

You can also participate in some land-sports as well. If you’re an experienced player, most racket sports are safe enough to do while pregnant and so is bowling and golf, though they don’t offer as much aerobic exercise. However, they’re still fun to do and are a great family friendly activity.

Take Some Classes
If you need to take up some time on the weekend to take your mind off of your normal activities, try signing up for some classes. Both you and your spouse can participate and you might be amazed at the endless possibilities. Try a cooking class, pottery, woodworking, bird watching, sewing and knitting, and much more. Whatever you feel like, there is probably a class in your area.

In addition to these activities, there is also a ton of new mom stuff to do. You could start decorating your nursery and shopping for baby clothes, or start a scrap book for your child to look through as they grow. The point is to enjoy being pregnant. Don’t think of this time as a period in your life when you can’t do the things you normally enjoy. Look at it as an opportunity to cultivate new hobbies and enjoy spending time with your new family.

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