When you think about pregnancy, weight loss is not usually the first thing that comes to mind. Most women expect to gain some weight during pregnancy, and this expectation is natural. Aside from the baby’s body weight, you’re eating for two, so a few extra calories are easy to consume. Weight gain is natural in pregnancy, and it is recommended that women gain approximately 25 pounds over the course of gestation. However, some women actually end up losing some weight during their pregnancy. Depending on your starting weight, this could either be beneficial or risky for the development of your baby.

If you are obese when you become pregnant, your weight could pose numerous risks to you and your baby. You could experience higher than average blood pressure during your pregnancy or get gestational Diabetes. Overweight women also have a higher risk for needing an emergency cesarean section, because their babies are often larger-than-normal. Losing weight during your pregnancy will in fact lower your risks for any of these complications. If you are obese and pregnant, you should start eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Such changes will benefit your baby and could cause you to lose some weight, which is perfectly safe.

Women who are of a normal size on the other hand should not lose weight during their pregnancy. If your BMI is in the normal range, losing weight poses risks to you and your baby. Ideally, you should expect to gain approximately 25 pounds over the course of your gestation, with most of that gain happening in the last two trimesters. If you do lose weight, you run the risk of having a smaller-than-normal baby, which could lead to many other complications. If you find that you are losing weight early in your pregnancy, it could be a result of nausea and vomiting. Speak with your health care provider about ways to treat the nausea, as weight loss is a serious side effect.

Depending on your size when you become pregnant, weight loss during your pregnancy can either be beneficial or risky. If you decide to try losing weight, speak with your doctor first about doing it safely so that both you and your baby are unharmed. Even for obese women, drastic weight loss might have serious side effects on the baby’s neurological and physical development, so diet and exercise plans should be planned accordingly.

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