Your ankles are swollen, your clothes are baggy and your sweat glands are running rampant. In many ways, you won’t feel like you’re looking your best during your pregnancy. No matter how much makeup you put on or how many family members tell you you’re “glowing,” you might feel less than you’re best. For that reason, many women who become pregnant wonder about Botox and collagen treatments during their pregnancy. Especially if you’ve had any before, you might feel especially moved to keep up with the procedures once you’re bearing your baby. However, doing so is not at all recommended by doctors, and experts claim that studies show the negative side effects clearly.

Collagen injections and any other wrinkle treatments containing vitamin A, BHA or vitamin K should be avoided during pregnancy. Their side effects on a developing baby have not been fully realized, and the treatments are obviously not absolutely necessary to the women getting them. Similarly, Botox is not safe during pregnancy. Alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) is cleared by most doctors for pregnant women, but always check with yours first and read the list of ingredients carefully. It could make your skin more sensitive to the sun, which is dangerous since your skin will already be easily burned outdoors. Whether or not you’re using products with AHA, always wear sunscreen during your pregnancy with at least SPF 15 to guard against the sun’s harmful rays.

So, research shows that you should hold off on any Botox or collagen injections during your pregnancy, and you should follow these instructions. You might even find that as your pregnancy progresses, your skin will become more plump and glowing. You’ll look like you’ve gotten better collagen than you’re used to. Everyone wants perfect skin, but you should achieve it in more natural ways during your pregnancy so that your baby’s health isn’t compromised.

Besides, you probably look better during your pregnancy than you think. Your blood volume increases so your veins will pump more, meaning your lips and cheeks will be fuller and redder. Your breasts will be larger, and normally flat bodies will become curvaceous. Enjoy your pregnancy-look while you can, because many of the changes are those that money can’t buy. Hold off on Botox and collagen and embrace your pregnancy figure while you still can. With or without collagen, it beats the “tired new mom” look you’re about to don.

Source: Paul Munish: Controversy: Botulinum Toxin in Pregnancy. Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery Volume 2 Issue 1 pp. 4-5 June 2009