My neighbor friend was the youngest of 15 children!  My own family was much smaller since there are only three of us girls, but I still enjoy large families. I’m not sure that I’ll ever have a huge family of my own, but I enjoy being around kids and interacting with my nieces.  If you’re planning to raise a big family, check out some of the tips and advice from moms and dads that have experience raising a whole passel of kids and what they and others have to say about it.

It’s Chaos
That probably doesn’t come as a big surprise for most people. The fact is that the more children you have, the more chaotic your house will be, especially if you have your children close together. The friends I have with multiple toddlers in the house are constantly trying to keep up with the mess, noise, and activity. Not all people with many children like this chaos, but they do enjoy having a lot of children. Just remember, your kids won’t stay toddlers forever and the chaos will eventually decrease a little as they get older.

Don’t Feel Bad for Having a Lot of Kids
It’s amazing how often families with no kids or only 2-3 children will pass judgment on families with a lot of children. Don’t let people make you feel bad about your choices though. How many children you have is nobody’s business but your own and your spouses. Having a lot of children probably brings a lot of joy into your life. Don’t let people pity you, or drop subtle hints about not having any more children. If you love your kids and take care of them, that’s all anyone could ask for.

Every Day is a Playdate
When you have a lot of kids, no day is without fun and exciting activities. Every day you will be coloring, playing, creating, and generally having fun to keep your toddlers and infants occupied. It can take a lot of work to manage a full house, but the upside is that all of your kids will have built-in playmates which will keep you from getting stretched too thin. Just ensure that you get one-on-one time in regularly.

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