Summer is undeniably creeping up on us. Though in some parts of the country it may not seem like winter is quite over, the Northwest saw a bit of sunshine this week. That makes me hopeful for warmer, longer days soon. Now is the time to start planning summer events for your family. If you have toddlers, then you know the importance of planning out activities to keep them busy and entertained because an idle toddler is often a toddler that often gets into mischief.

As you get in some mommy-and-me time this summer, check out a few activities on one mom’s summer bucket list and see if you’d like to borrow the ideas for your own little one.

1. Homemade Sprinkler
When the days get hot, naturally your toddler will want to go swimming or wade in some type of water. You may already have a kiddy pool or sprinkler, but if you’ve misplaced them over the winter or if you need to replace old, broken down equipment, you can make a quick DIY sprinkler with just a hose, an old juice bottle, and some duct tape.

Simply poke holes in the bottle and then duct tape the nozzle of the hose inside the bottle and turn the water on. This sprinkler is especially toddler-friendly because the water pressure isn’t too much and it only splashes about a foot or two high.

2. Air Fort
Everyone remembers that day in P.E. where you got to take out the giant multi-colored parachute to play with. While your toddler might be a few years away from this glorious experience, you can recreate the experience for them with a simple flat bed sheet. To begin, tape the sheet to the floor, and then drape one end around a box fan. The air fort will blow up and stay mostly inflated. Then your child and even you can crawl around inside to cool off and play the afternoon away.

3. Lemonade Stand
If you haven’t made a lemonade stand with your toddler yet, then this should be at the top of your list. It’s a classic summertime activity that every child should get to experience at some point. Even if your day turns into eating cookies and drinking lemonade while playing in the yard, you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

Whether you work during the summer or you’re a stay at home mom, summer is meant for fun outdoor activities and having a few ideas up your sleeve for mom-and-me time is a smart idea. 

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