Baby gadgets are cool, especially for parents that all love their technology and use mobile devices every day. However, there are some gadgets for babies that are ridiculously expensive and cost more than a typical laptop, tablet, or Smartphone. I understand that tech-savvy parents find some of these devices interesting and useful, but dropping hundreds of dollars for something that your child will quickly grow out of is preposterous. Check out these baby gadgets that sometimes cost more than a down payment on a new car. 

1. Gold Plated Pram with Sound System
This old fashioned style baby pram is lined with blue satin and ermine fur. It’s also gold plated and over the top elegant for all those babies highly concerned with fashion and fashionable accessories. It also has a sound system that plays nursery rhymes and soothing music to help your baby sleep. Well, that sounds like a pretty sweet deal, until you see the price tag. This gadget will set you back a whopping $6,000. That’s more than I pay every month for rent, insurance, bills, food, and entertainment together.

2. Onda Luxy Bubbles
Tired of bathing your child in the sink like every other parent? Well, check out this bathing setup that features nozzles that blow air bubbles just like a Jacuzzi! This bathing set is Italian made and stands about waist height on three elegantly designed legs. It will also set you back about $3,000.

3. Intellicot
The Intellicot is a decked out crib with all the trimmings. It features things like automatic rocking, a systems that raises the mattress to help with back strain, an air circulation system to keep your baby from overheating, and even a video monitoring system so that you know your child is safe and sound whenever they’re napping. The Intellicot also costs over $1,500 and is still under development.

4. Origami
The Origami is a semi-robotic stroller for your child that has nearly as many features as a car. It comes with an LCD screen with an odometer and speedometer as well as a charging port for Smartphones, headlights, and kinetic generators in the wheels that power the entire thing. It even folds up by itself, which is where the name of the product comes from. Altogether, this stroller costs about $850. At least you can use it for several years, unlike some of these other products.