There is a lot of concern today about harmful rays affecting babies in the womb. Parents are concerned about cell phones, microwaves, and other electromagnetic frequencies. Until recently, there wasn’t much you could do besides stay away from devices that emit these frequencies, but this is difficult to do. It’s hard to get away from the microwave and you never know when you’re going to encounter a Wi-Fi hotspot.

One concerned father of two decided to do something about this, and he also decided to throw in a health monitoring system as well so other parents could ensure that their babies were protected and in good health throughout the pregnancy process.

What is StimElation?
StimElation is a garment device worn during pregnancy that will protect a baby from harmful radiation and electromagnetic frequencies and enable parents to listen to their child’s heartbeat, hiccups, and other movement. The device has been tested and patented and is set to be released to the public around Mother’s Day 2014.

It’s the first Smart wearable for pregnancy and has been embraced by concerned parents everywhere. What sets this device apart from other pregnancy wearables is that it’s made from mesh cloth that can be worn comfortably from conception to the 10th centimeter. It looks like short yoga or exercise style pants and it fits easily underneath dresses and shirts. The main purpose of the StimElation is to protect fetuses from radiation and EMFs, but it also does so much more.

Added Features
Along with protecting your child, the StimElation is also a health monitoring system that allows you to listen to your child in the womb. This product is not an ultrasound machine and isn’t designed to be a home medical device for parents. However, the sounds you hear from your child will help assure you that your child is developing and growing.

The sensors in your StimElation record the health information from your child to store in a heart rate monitor. The information is then sent to your Smartphone. The sensor cable in the garment can also be hooked to your Smartphone and there is a radiation protection pocket on the garment to reduce the amount of expose to your child.

In addition to this, there are also speakers on the garment that allow you to record voices, lullabies, and other sounds to playback to your child in the womb. This way parents, friends, and extended family can “talk” to their baby before she’s even born.

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