Kids know what they want in a dad, so lots of people have asked children and adults about their childhood experiences and what they would have liked their dad to do or what they loved about their dads. These things can be passed on to dads now so that they can take in these words of wisdom for when they have their own children.

Don’t wait until your children are older to start being the best dad you can be. Check out some of these tips and start when your children are infants and toddlers so you can begin building memories to last a lifetime.

Spend More Time with Your Kids
A lot of kids and adults wish that their dads would spend more time with them, so dads, listen closely, because there’s nothing better you can do than just simply being with your children to let them know you’re there and want to be a part of their life. My friend's dad is an artist, and when she was little, she loved to watch him draw. She was a pretty quiet kid, so she said she didn’t interrupt him. She just loved to watch his drawings take form.

Instead of shooing her off to play with her sisters, he set up a stool next to his drawing desk so she could watch. He did this when she was about three or four years old, and she still likes to set up a stool to watch him draw to this day. They didn’t always necessarily go out and do some father-daughter bonding, but he allowed her to spend time with him doing his normal every day activities.

Invest in One-On-One time
This is especially important when you have more than one child. Even when people have fond memories of their dads, they often say they wish they could have spent time alone with their father. I bonded the most with my dad when we hunting together or even while working in the fields on our farm.  Sometimes, even a quiet truck ride to get supplies was enough.

The bottom line is that kids want their dads to be a part of their lies, especially if that means doing everyday things and paying attention to the little details. Your toddlers will not remember every day of their little lives, but they will make memories of their dads that will shape them as adults later in life.

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