So you give anything a try right ?

Being a sceptic and yet still open minded I went for my first consult and treatment of acupuncture today.

The Doctor in Vancouver (possibly to be named at a later date, let's call him Dr Who for now) was very nice.

We went through a thorough personal and medical questioairre and he checked my pulse rate and my tongue. He also gave me an acupuncture 101 since it was my first try.

He came to the cnclusion that we were going to work on my cold feet, which apparently are directly linked and connected to the Uterous and reproductive area including the Ovaries. (something to do with Chi was mentioned)

The needles were placed in my feet and some in my hands and a warm red heat lamp over my lower belly.

\the needles were'nt necessarily painful but spasmed my muscles in my feet a bit when they were pushed in. A little like pins and needles (har har).

Once they were in I was good to go and I lay for about 1/2 hour. Then Dr Who got some kind of stick which looked like a firework.

He said it was herbal and heated it up with a flame torch. Then he held it close to my feet at certain points..which is also are points where needles can be used (I think).

Anyway $56 later (including HST) I was outta there and off home with my next appointment in 3 days.

Twice a week I am told I need to go for around 5 weeks to start...good job my health plan covers the first $500!!!! or I couldn't afford it.

My homework is to keep my feet warm and have a hot water bottle for my "Womb warming".

Dr Who also mentioed to drink Cinamon tea to help warm me up too...

More to follow...