When I was pregnant, everyone kept telling me to take time
out for myself now as I won’t get time once the baby arrived, but at that
point, it is hard to imagine that it will be so. I always thought that how difficult
it could be with a tiny baby who will probably sleep like 20 hours a day, but
guess what, that wasn’t the case. All “me time” vanished as soon as my son was
born! The sleepless nights and tiring days made me realize how important it is
to pamper yourself when you are pregnant. So here are 5 ways in which you can
pamper yourselves before the little bundle of joy arrives and you begin losing

Get a Massage:  A massage
appointment with your massage therapist can do wonders for you. Not only does
it help relax your hormone stressed body, but also provides you with the
opportunity to sit lay back and relax for a while!

Visit a Salon: From manicures and pedicures to haircuts and skin
rejuvenating treatments, a visit to a salon will make you feel pampered and
look beautiful at the same time.

Have a Girls Day Out: Girl therapy is another great way to
pamper yourself during pregnancy. Hang out with your gal pals and talk your
heart out about all that’s happening around you. Whether you jut sit around and
relax, go to watch a chick flick, spend an afternoon at the mall or eat out at
your favorite restaurant, a girl’s day out is bound to make you happy!

Take a Vacation: Plan a vacation and enjoy the time before your
little bundle of joy arrives, as vacations will be completely different when
travelling with the little one!

Go for a romantic dinner with your partner: Spending romantic
evenings with your partner make every woman feel special, so that is a great
way to pamper yourself during your pregnancy! Let him take you out to your
favorite restaurant so you can sit back and enjoy the scrumptious meal!