Most parents having their second child have a completely different attitude towards the experience than parents expecting their first. Some of that comes from having gone through the birth and raising of a first child, some from not having the freedom to give in to every worry caused by the new baby because of the time needed to be spent with the first.

If you're expecting your first child, and the fact that you're on this site is strong evidence that you are, on the one hand you don't want to be blasé about something as important as your first child. But it wouldn't be a bad idea to adopt some of the attitude of the future you, the parent expecting their second, third or fourth. Time seems to slow down for first time parents, as they concentrate on every little detail of this approaching event. But this intense focus can make this process seem overwhelming.

You can't possibly control the entire experience but you might drive yourself crazy trying. So it's vital to your sanity that you try to relax and do things for yourself, especially as a couple. Having a child will put a strain on your relationship so build up some reserve memories of what it feels to be lovers.

Yes you have to be prepared for the birth day, but one of the most important preparations is to make sure your relationship is in the best condition it can be. You will be relying on this relationship over and over, not just during labor but every day after that as parents.

There'll be plenty of professionals there to help you when you're giving birth. But after that, it will be mostly the two of you so make sure your twoness is in the best possible shape when your little prince or princess arrives and all three of you will be the better for it.