The time between your last period and finding out whether you are pregnant or not can be quite frustrating. The pregnancy test keeps coming back negative because it is too early to detect it, but you have a gut feeling that you just might have conceived. Well here are a few early signs which can tell you whether you are pregnant or not, but keep in mind that each pregnancy is different and every woman might not have the same symptoms.

  • Your breasts begin to feel sore and heavy and even the slightest touch can make you wince in pain.  Breast tenderness can be felt as soon as 1 week after conception.
  •   Most women begin to feel very fatigued and tired during early pregnancy. Although there might be other reasons such as little sleep and extra workload which might be triggering these symptoms, but chances are that you could be expecting.
  • Proper morning sickness might not set in till later, but feeling of nausea and queasiness can be felt very early on.
  • Constant urge to urinate is another key sign that you may have conceived. As the uterus begins to expand right after conception, it pushes on the bladder which results in a frequent trip to the bathroom.
  • Food cravings can begin very early in pregnancy as well, sometimes even before you know that you are pregnant. So when trying to get pregnant,  keep a look out and see if all of a sudden you have an urge for something which you normally don’t want to eat.
  • Many women experience unexplained dizziness and this is because your blood vessels dilate and blood pressure increases when you get pregnant, causing bouts of dizziness.

So if you experience any of these symptoms when you have been sexually active without birth control, then it is quite likely that you are pregnant. Just wait for the home pregnancy to come back positive or schedule an appointment with your Ob-gyn and request a blood test!