It is important to maintain a regular exercise routine during pregnancy as it helps you in a number of ways including improved sleep, better mood, reduced aches and pains. In addition a good exercise program helps prepare your body for childbirth by increasing stamina and strengthening muscles. Moms who exercise regularly during pregnancy also find it easier to regain their pre-pregnancy shape after the baby’s birth.

However, not all exercises are suitable during pregnancy and caution should be used. It is also important to gauge your body and look out for signs that you are overdoing it and only choose a program which is approved by your Ob-Gyn.

Here are 5 exercises which are deemed safe during pregnancy and can be easily done by all pregnant women.

  1. Prenatal Yoga: Specifically designed for moms to be, prenatal yoga is a wonderful way to exercise your body during pregnancy. It not only helps you to work out, but also helps relax your mind and body, which can be very helpful during the stressful pregnancy days.
  2. Walking: Probably the safest type of exercise during pregnancy, walking can help you stay fit. Walking does not require you to join a gym, as you can easily take a walk in a nearby park, down the street, in a mall or you can easily get a small treadmill which you can use at home.
  3. Low Impact Aerobics: Many aerobic classes are designed for pregnant women and only take you through low impact exercises. These programs allow you to practice safe exercise training while interacting with other moms-to-be who are experiencing the same things as you.
  4. Dancing: This exercise is not only fun but keeps your body toned and fit during pregnancy as long as you are careful and do not over exert yourself. Dance moves which require jumping, leaping and excessive spinning should be avoided, but simpler forms of dancing can be practiced at home or at a nearby dance studio.
  5. Swimming: Swimming or aqua natal classes are another safe way to exercise during pregnancy. The zero gravity in water helps you utilize all your body muscles without putting a strain on your belly. Therefore, a number of doctors and health specialist recommend swimming during pregnancy to stay fit and healthy.

So pick an exercise which best suits you and enjoy a healthy pregnancy!