Pregnancy is the beginning of a beautiful time in your life but it’s very important to take care of yourself and eat properly so that your baby gets the right amount of nutrients required for normal and healthy growth. Calcium intake, therefore, is extremely important as the baby needs calcium to develop not just strong bones but also for healthy muscles, nerves and developing proper heart rhythm. If the mother is calcium deficient then the baby won’t get the appropriate amount needed for bone growth and heart health.

A pregnant woman needs to consume 1200-1500 mg of calcium daily; depending on age; in order to give birth to a healthy baby. However, most women do not get enough calcium on a daily basis to meet this required amount. So when you are planning to have a baby or after you become pregnant, it is important that you increase your calcium intake immediately. Although 1200 mg of calcium can be easily consumed through a proper diet plan, many women suffering from nausea and vomiting during the first trimester opt to take a calcium supplement instead.

Many over the counter calcium supplements are available which you can take to fulfill your daily requisite. Naturally, calcium-rich foods can provide the required total by taking at least 4 dairy servings daily. This will strengthen your bones as well as help with the baby’s growth.

The best naturally enriched calcium foods which you can take during pregnancy include milk, yogurt, cheese, seafood, beans and green vegetables like spinach and broccoli. Other sources which can count towards your daily requirement include calcium-fortified juices, bread, and cereals.

As much as it is vital to take 1200-1500 mg of calcium per day, it is also important not to exceed a daily consumption of 2500mg. Excess calcium cannot be absorbed by the body and can result in kidney stones. So make sure, that all the calcium-rich foods plus supplements you are taking do not exceed this limit!