Pregnancy is a time of ample changes in the body and your hair is no exception. The influx of pregnancy hormones often results in drastic changes to your hair color and texture. Curly hair can become straight and oily can become dry or vice versa.

Many women find that their hair becomes thicker and more lustrous during pregnancy. This is due to the substantial increase in the hormone estrogens’ level. However, this phenomenon changes after childbirth and most women experience drastic hair loss several months after they give birth. This is normal, as at this point, the hormones return to normal and hair growth reverts to its normal growth rate.

So it is important that you take good care of your hair during pregnancy and enjoy the great hair while it lasts!

Coloring your hair is a great way of enhancing your beautiful locks, but many doctors recommend waiting until after delivery to do so. The chemicals used in the dyes can be harmful for the baby as it gets in direct contact with the scalp or skin. Therefore, it is recommended that you either highlight or low light your hair during the pregnancy or use chemical free vegetable dyes instead.

Permanent relaxing or curling of the hair during pregnancy is also not recommended. Although it does not have any harmful effect on your baby, but as the texture is changed during pregnancy, you might not get the desired effects of these treatments.

In order to take care of your healthy hair, it is important that you use massage and hot oil treatments to keep their lustre and shine intact. If you hair becomes extra dry, then use a good deep leave-in conditioner to avoid frizz. However, it is recommended that you use only organic and herbal hair products during pregnancy to keep the exposure to chemical to a minimum!