I got my period jan. 23 for 7 days, my cycle is 31 days and according to a calculation (which I know is not accurate), my ovulation date was Feb. 7. We only conceived Feb. 6. On Feb. 14 I started to feel some minor cramping pain and it keeps progressing until today, Feb. 17 with a lot of pressure, bloating, cramps, a bit of lower back pain, a little bit of nausea and slightly swollen tender breast. This morning I took a home pregnancy test (First Response, the 6days early) and it came out negative. I'm supposed to be getting my period around the 21st. I'm just confused because I am having all these uncomfortable feeling that somewhat feel like if I was on my first day of my period. I have read some comments of some women and most of them, if they are pregnant they would of got a positive test by now, especially having all these symptoms. Should I take a home pregnant test in two days or should I just wait? But all this is driving me crazy due to being uncomfortable and not knowing my exact dates of everything. Maybe I went through implementation later than the 14th?? I would appreciate anybody's comments and their own experiences. Thank you!

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