Sun, 10/09/2011 - 18:26 — suprwman31 My husband and i have been tryin to concieve and this month we had sex every fertile day and some. Was to start today but started 2 day early which isnt unusual. What was unusual was by 9 dpo i began to have mild headaches all day, very sore breast and under arm all day, 10 dpo sore lower back pain, 12,13, and 14 dpo flu like symptoms . On 12 dpo i had a tan discharge that was followed by bright red flow of blood that was light but not spotting. 13 dpo bright red dpo but no spotting just light flow. Today is the day i was suppose to have y period and im still have this light blood flow that in light red but not heavy as my normal with no clots but mild cramps off and on and flu like symptoms. What is really going on? This int me and i have had no positive preggo test at this point of 14 dpo?