Pregnant women often times feel that they look ugly and huge
so they try to hide their bodies in ill fitting and loose clothing. On top of
that the pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, aches and pains, fatigue and
tiredness all make you feel like not doing much. THE RESULT: you stop
taking time out to make yourself look pretty and end up looking like a slob!

Honestly though, I think every woman should enjoy her
pregnancy and take time out to look and feel pretty. The best way to appear beautiful
is to dress nicely and add a touch of gloss and blush to complete the look. You
don’t need to layer on the makeup to do that, in fact, with the pregnancy
hormones giving you a nice glow to begin with, it’s easy to just dab on a nice mineral
foundation along with some natural lip gloss and your face is all set.

When choosing clothes, it is important that you DO NOT just wear
loose sweatpants and huge t-shirts to hide the bulge. They are no doubt
comfortable, but are definitely not the best choice of clothes to make you look

With so many exclusive maternity clothing stores like
motherhood, pea in the pod and Mimi maternity, as well as  department store selling maternity lines like
gap maternity, old navy maternity and Macys maternity  there is no need to hide the bulge. All offer
a wide range of trendy and stylish clothes, in an assortment of price ranges,
that you can easily pick clothes which not only look good, but also fit your budget.

If you are getting ready for work then you can wear a nice maternity
skirt with a maternity blouse or match a nice pair of maternity jeans with a
baby doll floral top and you are all set to go out in the evening.  Add a chunky necklace and a pair of stylish flat
sandals to complete the look and you can feel like a princess any time and any

So ladies, enjoy the time and make sure you dress up with
care so everyone can see what a beautiful mom-to-be you are!