I am 15 years old and I am pregnant with my first child, my mom and step dad kick me out once they found out. I am now living with my boyfriend who is 2 years older than me, he don't have a job or want to get one. I tried to get a job for so long, i tired summer youth but i didn't get picked :( I've mowing yards but I'm not making anything really. My boyfriend want me to move out so that him and his mother don't have to argue over me living there, I have no where to go, i'm going to have to the shelter. I have $150 saved up, and i have to stop working because my doctor put me on bed rest I have high blood pressure but I know i need more then that by the time the baby comes. My boyfriend mom said she not helping me out unless she knows it's his baby and even after that i better be lucky if she doesn't take it. I don't know what i ever did to make her not like me, i think she's mad cause i'm pregnant but I really didn't mean to get pregnant i was on the pill but my doctor told me when i got told these pills after i got my tooth pulled it made my birth control mess up. My boyfriend tried to make me get an abortion but I'm christian I couldn't do it. I am 5 months and I want i'm not even happy about my baby because everyone else. I want to raise the baby because i can't turn my back on it like my mom did me. I don't know the sex and i'm going to wait until after it's born, my doctor said i'm underweight and i should eat more for the sake of my baby but i'm trying to save money. I have nothing for my baby and i'm bout to be on my own. I'm so scared i want to kill myself but i don't want to go to hell and i don't want the baby to suffer for my mistake. I am here to beg and i'm sorry but i know it's people out there that can help us. I made a registry for target and anyone that can help can you please help me? I really don't know if i chose the right things but i's a few things i think the baby will need. please lend a hand!! ((Please don't judge me i get enough from everyone and me))) If i have to beg for my baby i will, the stuff i will receive will go to the fathers house but after awhile i have to leave so that's why i need help now and not right before the baby comes anything i get from you guys will help and i can take it to the shelter with me. My baby is all i have and i can't let it be born with nothing. Anything will help even if it's just some advice. I will like if the moms out there just write me and tell me what i need for the baby and where i can find help ..thanks everyone (please be positive, yes i'm sorry for begging but my baby is worth it)
If you can't help i understand, if you can I want to thank you for the bottom of my heart! And i will thank everyone of you kind people ..P.s If i have a boy i'm naming him after my who passed away last year from cancer, Paul and i'll call him paulie..
(people can be rude, i'm just asking for help for my child)(I don't want to call child services on my mom because I don't want my baby brother to get taken away)

My target baby Registry ID: 014399701858061
My email address is [email protected] (add my email address to give advice)