On Sept. 1 Doctor prescribed me clomid, said that it might work and that I might not be ovulating. Haven't have period since Aug. 12th. Started taking BBT on Sept. 16th and saw an increase temp. on the 18th.  Went back to Doctor on the 23rd still no period, said if no period in 9 days to call office. Called office they said to take pregnancy test, and then I would go on something to start period if negative. But Guess what it was positive… without clomid! But now I don’t even know what to think. It’s been a crazy month! By BBt has been all over the place… So I’m pregnant, but how far along am I, if I put my last period in to the due date calculators I think it is wrong, since that would be like a 50+ day cycle. My last  cycle was 50 days and before that all have been 35 days….Om my what a roller-coaster!


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